About Our Team Of Professional Photography Team

GlamCam wouldn’t be the photography company it is today without the dedication and passion of our unique and quirky team members. Take a moment to get to know us… you’ll love us once you do!

 Gareth Gilmour | Professional Photographer | GlamCam

Gareth – Photographer And Boss

Having worked in events and advertising for 20 years, Gareth is the old dog who is constantly learning new tricks – like how to leverage off the popularity of photo booth rentals! When this Dave Matthews Band fan isn’t behind the camera lens, he’s waterskiing, spending time with his three girls (lucky guy), playing golf or guitar or savouring anything cooked on a Weber.

When asked what he thinks his team mates think of him, he says: “I would hope that they see me as being consistent, reliable, hardworking, committed, firm but kind… everything to everyone… a saint, really!” Wouldn’t you love to work for a champ like that?

Gareth’s words to live by: “Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you! “ – Dr Seuss

 Cazz | Photo Booth Hire | GlamCam  Employee

Caryn (Cazz) – Sales Account Manager

In short, Cazz sells dreams. She’s the one communicating with clients and shareholders, managing their expectations and making sure they’re always super happy! She would live on balsamic vinegar if she could, provided it dished out enough nutrition to fuel her days spent running in the park with her dog. When not spending time with the pooch or selling dreams at GlamCam, this South African music lover can be found frequenting weddings, 30ths and baby showers.

Cazz’s words to live by: “You have 30 seconds to make an impression, make it count!”

 Zoe | GlamCam Employee | Professional Photographers

Zoe – Operations Manager

Zoe is the detail orientated, deadline driven GlamCam legend who ensures that everything runs smoothly and happens exactly when it’s supposed to. She hopes that her crew think she’s awesome, and we’re sure they do as nothing escapes the attention of this enthusiastic employee. Zoe’s passion for doing what she loves extends beyond GlamCam into music, art, meditation and sushi. She’s also a bibliophile, opting for books over the TV that she is not interested in owning.

Zoe’s words to live by: “If you follow your passion and believe in yourself, anything is possible!”

 Fikile | GlamCam Employee | Photographers

Fikile – Production Assistant

Fikile is Zoe’s shadow, the part that makes sure everything is running according to plan and that all clients get their jelly bean jar thank you tokens. Yes, we send our clients jelly bean jars, jam packed with love! Fikile’s affection for pasta can only be matched by her passion for lipstick shopping – it is a thing. When she’s not doing any of the above, this all rounder can be found hanging out with family and friends, studying or catching up with assignments.

Fikile’s words to live by: “You are the best version of who you can be – stay true and relevant!”

 Sam | About Us | Photo Booth Rentals | GlamCam

Sam – Graphic Designer

Sam is the newbie who brings to the table a power-pack of drive and determination to deliver the best she can in every way. She loves having a laugh with her work mates, but can be serious when she needs to be. When not designing awesome stuff, she can be found walking her little pooches, reading, eating ravioli bolognaise or chilling with family at Hartebeespoort Dam.

Sam’s words to live by: “Beauty isn’t about having a pretty face. It’s about having a pretty mind, a pretty heart and a pretty soul.”

 Bryony | GlamCam CEO

Bryony – Financial Person

Bryony is the major cog that keeps everything turning at GlamCam, always doing whatever it takes to ensure suppliers get paid and that clients pay her… while also reminding Gareth to answer his emails. Considered an “old tart” by no one except herself, she is the helping hand that everyone needs at some stage or another. When not in the GlamCam offices, she’s chilling with friends and family over oxtail and red wine, listening to house or whatever happens to be playing.

Bryony’s words to live by: “Live in the present.”

 Jacqui | KZN GlamCam Representative

Jacqui – KZN GlamCam Representative

Jacqui handles all aspects of GlamCam in what the Joburg office terms the “fishing village” (aka KZN). Being next to the ocean, this mom of three gets her fill of freshly caught fish whenever she can and is a total sucker for sushi. Her three kids keep her really busy… even to the point of making her attend Justin Bieber and One Direction concerts – a mother’s love is boundless! When she’s not attending to the whims of her children, she enjoys the outdoors, running and chilling with friends and family over a braai and some wine.

Jacqui’s words to live by: “It is what it is.”

 Sipho | Field Operator Setup Crew | GlamCam Employee

Sipho – Field Operator / Setup Crew

Without Sipho’s dedication, events just don’t happen. He ensures that everything is set up on time and according to client spec. This reliable oke thinks of himself as helpful (he is) and is a handy guy to have around. When not at GlamCam or an event, Sipho can be found playing soccer or pool, eating pap and wors or listening to hip hop, house, maskandi, jazz or classical music.

Sipho’s words to live by: “We live once, might as well go all out.”

 Vusi | Setup Crew Field Operator | GlamCam Employee

Vusi – Field Operator / Setup Crew

Vusi is Sipho’s counterpart and is an integral part of the event setup process. This honest and reliable guy is a friend to all – especially the GlamCam crew, who dig him just as much. When not at events or with the GlamCam team, Vusi can be found playing soccer or watching movies. Give him beef stew and rice and he’ll love you forever… particularly if you accompany his fave food with some house beats.

Vusi’s words to live by: “Impossible is nothing.”