Five Things You Can Do With Green Screen Photography

Posted on Jul 25, 2015
Five Things You Can Do With Green Screen Photography

Green Screen Photography is possibly one of the coolest things that we, as GlamCam, can offer the world. It’s a chance for people to think outside the box (as cliched as that may sound) and become what or who they’ve always dreamed of becoming. Sound like an empty promise from an esoteric card reader at a festival? Well… it’s not. Although if you wanted to be at a festival, green screen could definitely help you pull that off!

Here are five awesome things you can do with green screen photography:

1. I Believe I Can Fly…

Remember those dreams where you can fly? You’re running in your garden and then with a few extended jumps you spring into the air and just take to flight? Remember how awesome that felt until you woke up, realising it was a dream? Well… now you can fly. Kind of. Using green screen tech and a harness of sorts you can photograph yourself in full flight! You can even wear the Superman suit if that’s what floats your boat!

2. Enter The Matrix

And fight like Neo in the ware against the Agents. Superimpose yourself against a rooftop scene and strike your pose. You know that people will never look at you the same after your Facebook profile pic resembles Keanu Reeves in all his glory.

3. Wedding Paradise Substitute

Can’t afford the venue you want for your wedding? That’s cool… pay for the next best thing and then green screen you and your guests against a Mauritian backdrop or Tahitian beach. We have no doubt that wherever you host your wedding, it will be amazing… but it’s the photographs that everyone keeps forever¬†anyway, right?

4. Graveyard Thriller Revival

Yes, almost everyone in this world can do the Thriller dance – granted, not as good as MJ could. But now you can cast yourself in the Thriller music video revival with the green screen backdrop that includes Mr Michael Jackson himself! Is there anything cooler? Seriously.

5. Get In The Ring With Mike Tyson

Want to show everyone who’s boss? Set up a boxing match with Mike Tyson and let everyone watch you knock him out, Evander Holyfield style! It’s also a great excuse for you to dress up in boxing shorts and gloves.

Got any other crazy ideas to add? Give us a call or pop us an email and order a green screen for your next wild and wonderful event!


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