Absolut MTV Mama Roadshow Event In Angola

Posted on Sep 28, 2015
Absolut MTV Mama Roadshow Event In Angola

On the 18th of September, we were at the Absolut Art Bar in Angola to help wrap up the Absolut MTV Mama Roadshow that has been running for a few months now. To say that GlamCam is honoured to have been present is an understatement. Working with such a reputable brand and exemplary event in Angola is something we are really proud of.

We were there to capture the essence of the event, giving all attendees the opportunity to have their photos taken with a unique customisation. Each photo that was taken with our GlamCam Photo Pods also offered the user the chance to choose their own byline, either their name or a significant word that was then printed in the frame of each photograph.

Eg: GlamCam is Absolut.

This small custom detail proved to be really popular and added to the personal touches that could be found throughout the event and overall experience. Have a look at some of the shots that were captured on the night.

Interested in using a feature like this for your event? The GlamCam Photo Pods and Hashtag Print Stations are both wildly popular for events and functions and they really get your guests into the party spirit. You can also add in some Green Screen Photography to create a landscape of your choosing. The options are limitless.

Contact us now to find out more about adding this detail to your next event.

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