Top 10 Photo Booth Poses For All The Laughs

Posted on Oct 13, 2015
Top 10 Photo Booth Poses For All The Laughs

We all love a photo booth at a party, but before the tequila kicks in, we can often be hard pressed to come up with interesting poses to pull off. Been there? Have numerous shots of your forcedĀ grin and those hands that hands that hang awkwardly at your side? Yup. Well, we’re here to help. No matter what stage of the party you find yourself at, you can always be assured of a great photo booth pic by adopting one of the top 10 photo booth poses.

1. The Surprised Face

Imagine you saw Justin Bieber naked? Now channel that facial expression into your next photo booth pose. It’s a winner, every time! Especially when you see everyone’s version of what a “surprise” is.

2. The “Someone Just Farted” Face

As disgusting as it sounds, it makes for exceptional photographic material! How would you react? And again, everyone’s interpretation of how they would react in the circumstances is always worth a giggle!

3. The Horrified Face

Your worst nightmare is in front of you. Is it your ex? Your father walking in on you making out with your boyfriend? Or even a maxed out credit card during sale season? Whatever horrifies you the most, bring that as your inspiration for this photo booth pose!

4. The Alcoholic Loner (for when no one wants to pose with you)

This is a goodie for those photos when no one is really keen on the idea except you. A photo of you and your drink and your best attempt at a drunken face fit for slurring and inappropriate behaviour.

5. The Blowfish Face

Well, yes. No party photos are the same without the obligatory blowfish face.

6. The “Cram As Many People Into One Photo” Pose

Find the boundaries of the designated photo booth area. Squash as many faces or body parts (keep it PG, people) into the frame as possible. Snap! Do a few of these in succession to see how well your friends fare under pressure!

7. The Jumping Photo

Yes, you have to have a jumping photo. Even if it means your heads are cut out of the shot. A jumping photo is essential. Obviously it would be better with your smiley face in it, so maybe try a few practice runs to get it right.

8. The Sandwich Kiss Pose

At the last minute the people on the outside kiss the people on the inside. Hence sandwich kiss. Get it? Obviously you need to plan this in advance. Best if the middleman doesn’t know anything about it and is surprised by the smooches on his or her cheeks!

9. The Ugliest Of Ugly Poses

Everyone shows off their ugliest rendition of an ugly face. Squished noses, bug eyes, teeth bared ala Billy Idol. Although, that’s quite hot. Whatever your take on an ugly face – make it your worst and snap away!

10. Channeling Elvis

How did Elvis like to have his photos taken? Channel that. Snap the shot. You’ll have a range of outlandish and wonderfully bizarre poses, but each will be well worth all the laughs!

If you’re still stuck for ideas, then maybe just try screaming like a banshee when the picture is taken. At least you’ll look like you’re having a wild and crazy time!

Book your photo booth for your next event now and start planning your poses!

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