3 Super Cool Ways To Display Photo Booth Pics

Posted on Oct 30, 2015
3 Super Cool Ways To Display Photo Booth Pics

So you’ve got a growing collection of photo booth pics and you don’t quite know what to do with them? They are far too special to leave lying around so you’ve more than likely put them in a drawer to keep them safe from damage, right? Right! Don’t leave them hiding away from light and sight… get them out on show with one of these super cool ways to display photo booth pics.

1. Frame Them All In One Frame

One Frame For Photo Booth Pics | GlamCamNo matter how many photo booth pics you have, you can arrange them beautifully together in one frame. The idea with this is to have the right number of pics that can be easily formatted into a grid as they have been displayed in the picture. So even if you only have four photo booth pics that you want to display, you can arrange them in an evenly spaced row, or even as a square.

You will need to secure each photo in place as any slight movement of one of them will ruin the layout of the whole picture frame. Use double sided tape for the best results, or if you’re certain that this is for keeps then you can even glue them down with acid-free glue, use photo tabs or photo corners.

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2. Peg Those Pics

Photo Booth Pics Picture Frame | GlamCamThis is our favourite form of displaying amazing photo booth pics and polaroid style photos. You can more than likely achieve this without spending too much and maybe even using odds and ends you have lying around the house. You’ll need a frame of decent size, some twine or string, a few nails or tacks (you can also use staples) and pegs. You can get miniature pegs from craft stores and stationery shops, otherwise small clothes pegs will do!

Once you’ve got everything together, put the nails, tacks or staples on either side of the frame so that you can afix a line of string or twine between two. Create as many strings as you can fit, bearing in mind that you need enough space between each one for the photos to hang. Peg the pics and voila! You have a beautiful piece of photo booth pic art!

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3. Create A Photo Pinboard

Pinboard Photo Booth Photo Display | GlamCamAnother simple and effective way of getting those photo booth pics to enjoy the limelight. Pinning your photos to a pinboard is not only cheap and appealing, but it also allows you to be flexible with adding to the arrangement as well as being able to move things around a bit when you want to.

All you need is a pinboard and a bunch of drawing pins. You can easily make a pinboard with a piece of chipboard or corkboard covered with lining and material, but it might just be easier to go and buy one if you’re not the crafty type. If you want to make your own, cut your shape for the pinboard, add a layer of lining and cover it all with the chosen material, stapling the material down on the back with a staple gun. Voila! Arrange your photos and hang it up somewhere for the world to see!

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How fabulous and simple at the same time? Let us know if you’ve got any other brilliant ideas for photo booth picture displays!

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