10 Of The Best Event Theme Ideas

Posted on Nov 20, 2015
10 Of The Best Event Theme Ideas

So you’ve got a big event to pull off and need to impress. A quick search online for themes has you scrambling and pulling your hair out. How are you supposed to choose the best one out of a very impressive list of ideas? We’ve got you sorted with our 10 of the best event theme ideas. These are all very PG event theme ideas and will suit anything from an office party to a fancy dress wedding.

1. Literature – Book Lovers

Books appeal to people of all ages, from all walks of life. They make a great theme for an event because you can “literally” go as far out as you’d like. You could even take it a step further with a book-to-movie theme using all of the year’s movie releases. The possibilities are endless! To name a few books that have made it to the silver screen that would also make for interesting décor and costumes:

  • Insurgent
  • Hunger Games
  • The Maze Runner
  • Frankenstein

2. A Cracking Decade

Every decade holds its own appeal. Choose the roaring 20s or the free loving 60s and 70s, then you’ve also got the retro 80s and 90s or even the future! Build your event around these decades and build a time capsule for your guests to immerse themselves in the music, clothes, food and colours of your chosen decade.

3. Sports

Whether you prefer cricket, rugby, tennis or skateboarding, any of these sports can be turned into a fun and immersive theme. Any sport type can be used as a great teambuilding event, or to display your company’s newest line of sports gear and accessories.

4. Nostalgia

You might be scratching your head at this one, but hear us out. A nostalgia party is the perfect theme for a company anniversary party, or a class or team reunion. Theme the event from the decade your company was founded, your class graduated or your team reached its biggest achievement, and include nostalgic anecdotes that only your attendees will understand. This is great for high school reunions, especially when you’re hitting the 20 year, 30 year or even 40 year reunion mark!

5. Garden Party

Summer is here, so it’s pretty much the perfect time for a garden party. This theme is a great way to incorporate South Africa’s rich heritage of foliage and blooms in your party’s décor so use it to your advantage. Think fairy lights in the trees, Chinese lanterns, trellis tables and bean bags… and when you get to it invite us too, please?

6. Beach Party

A beach-themed event is always a winner, and can be held pool-side or by the ocean. If you’re inland, beach elements like seashells, sandpit sand, deck chairs, sun loungers, beach balls and umbrellas can bring the beach to your city, even if you’re hundreds of kilometres from the nearest break.

7. African Safari

How many times have you actually taken an African safari in your life, even though you live in South Africa? Incorporate beautiful African nature themes in your safari-themed party along with some leopard print and zebra stripes. You might even find a few guests dressing up as one of the big 5… now that would be inventive!

8. A Mexican Fiesta

A Mexican-inspired fiesta is always a fantastic theme for a variety of events, specifically because it will always include tequila. From a chilled event needing delicious finger foods like tacos, chips and nachos, to a classier soiree with Mexican altar candles and festive platters, to the crazy Mexican do with sambreros, pinatas and margaritas! The possibilities are endless.

9. Country Western

Round up your friends and dust off the cowboy hats and boots, it’s time for a country Western event! Don’t forget your lasso, some quality ranch-style chow and typical Western bar décor. The fun begins when people get into character… hold onto your cowboy hats and hope they forget the chewing tobacco at home!

10. Glamour At The Movies

From decade-specific movies, to genre-specific or Hollywood glamour, there’s so much room for creativity here. Have your guests dress up as famous actors or characters from their chosen movie and roll out the red carpet where you can have a professional photographer snap their shot. Champagne, lights, camera and loads of action will fit the bill perfectly as you spend a night impersonating your favourite movie legends.

If these don’t measure up then perhaps they’ll inspire some other ideas… let us know what those are in the comments.

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