Ten Ideas For Your Festive Events

Posted on Dec 22, 2015
Ten Ideas For Your Festive Events

The festive season is a time for reflection and new beginnings. It’s also a time for family, friends and colleagues coming together and celebrating the year that’s passed in style! A festive party doesn’t necessarily need to equate to Christmas, it can tie in with the New Year that’s approaching along with the pervasive theme of holidays that abound this time of year.

So we’ve compiled a list of ten hot ideas for festive events that is sure to have a broad appeal. Let’s dive in!

1. Winter Themed Festive Event

South Africans have a love affair with white festive seasons. Perhaps because we’ve never had a real one? In movies and popular culture, Christmas time is usually spent in wintery seasons with lots of wind, snow and blizzards. The irony is that those who endure white Christmases would love to have a hot December like we’re blessed with. Either way, holding a winter themed Christmas party is exciting and leaves you with many decorative choices to bring the theme to life.

2. Edible Decorations

Another idea to bring your festive event to life is to offer edible decorations! Aside from dancing, there is one other thing people love to do at Christmas and New Years parties – they love to eat. So why not offer edible decorations that they can interact with? And by interact, we mean munch! Ideas can include a Christmas tree cookie, or you can create a chocolate New Year’s ball (similar to the one that drops in Time Square every year.) Sounds delicious enough for you?

3. Secret Santa

This is a great little snippet of fun that can be added to any event. Everyone brings a gift to a certain value – unisex is best – and they all get put in a pile. Everyone picks a number from a hat and each person gets to choose a gift in the order of the numbers they chose. Everyone gets a little something special and not too much needs to be spent.

4. Contemporary Cocktails

If you’re known for being contemporary or modern, then you want to create something that emulates the way people see and perceive your brand. Contemporary cocktails with a bit of beach flair will make for a fab festive do, especially in light of the weather we have during December. Think beach sand, bikinis, beach balls and all the delectable, fruity cocktails that go with it all.

5. Festival Of Light

One of the most magical appeals of the silly season is all the light, vibrant decor that goes into it. Fairy lights and Christmas lights create the most beautiful atmosphere, as do candles dotted all over your tables and shelves. Add some lanterns too and light up your event.

6. The Classic Christmas Theme

For the traditionalists out there, you have a world of opportunity and ideas to choose from. We’re talking candles, pine cones, wreaths and baubles! We may have a boiling hot summer during Christmas in South Africa, but you can still bring some of that traditional flavour to your event and with it bring the Christmas vibe!

7. Rustic Christmas

Creating a beautiful rustic Christmas event is something you can pull off easily. Think as natural as possible and add pine cones, ivy wreaths, candles, lanterns, any kind of decor that speaks of nature, wood and natural textures. Sit on hay bales, wine barrels and tree logs and keep colours to those of the trees and grasses of the veld. Just a few touches in terms of decor and you’ve found a winning combo for your rustic event.

8. Christmas Movie Night

South Africans love their movies. Doing a movie-themed Christmas might just be one of the best ideas any fun loving company can come up with. Choose a few festive movies, add some popcorn, chocolates, gingerbread and other festive snacks and make sure you’ve got some champers to wash it all down with.

9. Festive Party Games

Casino games are always fun and exciting. Scatter a collection of casino games around on all the available surfaces and create gaming stations that people can pop in and out of. There are loads of silly festive games that you can add to the mix like pass the orange, suck/blow and even three-legged races or egg and spoon races. Open your mind a bit and see what ideas you come up with!

10. Traditional South African Festivities

While we celebrate popular culture’s influence in our society, it’s always nice to return back to our tried and tested favourites. Boerewors, potato salad, braai and steaks, why not make it a traditional South African Christmas party or festive affair?

We’re all about having fun during whatever event you undertake. We wish you the best during the silly season and hope that you stay safe and make the most of the time off!

Best wishes from everyone at GlamCam!

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