GlamCam’s Newest Innovations: MobiGlam And GlamFlip Books

Posted on Feb 1, 2016
GlamCam’s Newest Innovations: MobiGlam And GlamFlip Books

At GlamCam, we’re all about creating experiences that are remembered forever and captured in bite-sized moments. We are constantly fine-tuning our craft and elaborating on what we already know we do well: GlamCam Photo Pods, Hashtag Print Stations, Green Screen Photography, portraits and everything to do with videography and events. But innovation is an ever-evolving story, a flower that continues to bloom with the seasons and with each flourish there comes a demand to bring something new to the table.

And so we have.

We’re super proud to announce the following two additions to our stable of services: GlamFlip Books and MobiGlam. Now before you start scratching your heads wondering what we could be on about, let’s give you all the delicious details.

GlamFlip Books

GlamFlip Books | GlamCam Photographic InnovationsRemember when you used to make those little flip books out of a bunch of papers stapled together? On each page you would draw part of a sequence of images and then when you flipped the pages it would transform into your very own unique animation. Yes, we didn’t have iPhones back in the day so we were very creative! Luckily that creativity can be translated into digital and it can become your next awesome party or event addition.

We now have the technology to create photographic flip books of your action sequence in front of the camera, and in less than one minute, you’ll have your very own photographic flip book to have and to hold until death do you part. John Travolta moves? Ninja styles? Now you can get them all down in photographic flip book glory for the world to see and marvel at!

The only tricky part about the GlamFlip Books is deciding on what your show stopping sequence will be. The rest? We will handle, of course!

Make moving memories that your guests will love by booking GlamFlip Books today.


MobiGlam | Mobile Photo Booth | GlamCamWe all love a photo booth and it’s definitely something that will never grow old at a party or an event, but what about transforming your entire event into a photo booth? How, you say? Well… with MobiGlam, of course.

MobiGlam uses the latest in brand aware social media technology to capture your guests doing their thing in any area of your event space. This mobile camera will snap the coolest, most original shots of all your guests, moments before attaching each image to a branded template that can be shared instantaneously on social platforms. Of course you can also still have hard copies printed for posterity, but if you want to build the hype around your event, then you’ll have guests interacting with your brand throughout and even after your event has finished.

This innovation is perfect for smaller events, crowded events with no space for photo booths or simply to create a great vibe where sharing moments is what you want your event to be about.

Get in touch with us today to book a MobiGlam unit for your next event and start sharing the magic of your brand the moment we get going.

If you’ve got any questions… please fire away on our contact form or give a call, the old fashioned way!

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