9 Ways To Get A Matric Dance Photo Booth Right

Posted on Feb 26, 2016
9 Ways To Get A Matric Dance Photo Booth Right

The matric dance is a high point of many school-leavers’ final years. It’s a chance to get dressed up and celebrate the year’s hard work. Photo booths are popular at school dances because of the fun they add to the proceedings and the memories they make that will always be a fond reminder of a great evening. But it’s important to get the placement, staging and lighting of a matric photo booth right. Here are 9 ways to make sure your photo booth is a hit:

1. Go With An Open Booth

Closed photo booths might be great at funfairs or arcades, but at a big event where everyone is dressed in their finest requires something more open and dynamic. An open photo booth lets more people fit into each shot so it’s easy to put a crazy class picture together. The lighting in an open booth tends to be better too.

2. Position The Booth Smartly

Photo booths are particularly fun when everyone is involved. The secret of encouraging participation is placing the booth prominently. Near the dance floor is always a good option so that it also forms a part of the event. School-leavers can enter and leave as they wish while dancing the night away.

3. Go For Great Lighting And Professional Picture Editing

A booth set up well with good lighting gives every matric dance attendee a healthy glow To get the best snaps of the celebrations, send the photos off for a professional edit after the event. That way every matriculant can get a flattering keepsake of the night.

4. Have A Unique, Creative Backdrop

The photos from a celebratory matric dance shouldn’t look like grim mugshots. A great matric photo booth has character and colour. Opt for a backdrop that is filled with creativity. Besides giving photos extra texture and vibrancy, it’ll encourage everyone who enters to be creative in their poses too. You could also go all the way with a green screen backdrop that matches your theme.

5. Choose Props That Will Get The Fun Going

Even the quiet members of the class will be drawn out by wacky props. Some ideas: Custom speech bubbles, horses’ heads, funky masks – let your imagination run wild and there will be plenty of hilarity on the night.

6. Have An Attendant For Your Booth

Everyone at the matric dance will likely have cabin fever after weeks of non-stop studying. Just in case matriculants at the event get a little wild, have an attendant at your booth who will keep an eye on equipment and activity. An attendant has the additional virtue of being able to get people to flock to the booth – introverts and extroverts – so that they’ll get into the party spirit.

7. Choose A Company That Lets You Customise Your Prints

Whether you want a school crest or another design detail, being able to customize the prints from your matric photo booth will let you create something all the more meaningful and sentimental for attendees. Make sure that you obtain a custom plan too, with unlimited prints so that you can rest assured that all costs will be included.

8. Have A Slideshow Or Live Gallery Of The Booth

You can have your matric dance photo booth snaps displayed elsewhere at the event so that partygoers have something to watch and laugh over. Alternatively, have a slideshow made that you can screen at a subsequent event such as a class reunion.

9. Choose A Company That Sets Up everything And Clears Away Professionally

Such is the nature of matric dances that they can leave a bit of a mess. Choose a photo booth company that will set everything up and clear away professionally so that you will have less to take care of in coordinating the event.

Want to up the fun factor of your matric dance with a photo booth? Perhaps we forgot to mention that we do all of the above. We do all the setting up, lighting, positioning and backdrop creation and we also offer you a competent, professional attendant who will be on hand throughout the event. Customising is our speciality as well as live galleries or slideshows. Cleaning up, we do it… creative direction, that too!

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