5 Cool Features of Our Hashtag Print Station

Posted on Mar 24, 2016
5 Cool Features of Our Hashtag Print Station

Events are still top of the league when it comes to ways to promote your brand. There’s nothing like the buzz of a great event to get people talking about your business. If guests love the experience, they will Instagram and tweet about the great time they’re having. This is great for exposure. But you don’t have to cross fingers and hope this happens organically: a hashtag print station that lets guests pose for fun snaps and share to social media makes it easy to integrate your branded social occasion with social sharing.

Sound divine? That’s because it is!

What Is The Hashtag Print Station?

The Hashtag Print Station is a wireless, mobile photo pod operated by a professional team of photographers. It is linked to our custom branded printing technology and can be customised even further with a backdrop of your choice, even using green screen technology. The system can be configured in advance to share all event photos with a pre-defined hashtag. Using the hashtag is the key that allows guests to have their awesome photos printed, and ensures that your brand will be given the exposure it deserves. You can set up a predefined Instagram handle to share all the photos from, or your guests can share from their own accounts using the hashtag. Guests will also love the high quality prints that are delivered, fully branded and beautiful! Plus there is the Alphabet Wall that offers live coverage of all the photos taken at the event in alphabetical order of the accounts that photos are shared from.

As with all of our services, it is backed up by our professional photography team who will help get the vibe going, encouraging people to share their branded experiences. Sound super cool? That’s because it is! In case you need reminding why you want to book a Hashtag Print Station for your event… here are:

5 Things To Love About Our Branded Photo Stations

1. Immediate #brand exposure

Rather than a trickle of ‘#latergrams’ flowing in after your event, you’ll have a stream of Instagram posts going live as your event is in progress. This lets you boost brand exposure in the moment. Guests can share their snaps immediately to their Instagram accounts right from the booth, using a pre-defined hashtag of your choosing, or you can set up a designated Instagram handle where all photos are shared from.

2. Branded keepsakes for eventgoers

Another great thing about the hashtag print station is that everyone who uses the station gets an immediate, high-quality print to keep, provided they make use of the hashtag when sharing their pics. The hashtag is the key. Each print is branded, making it portable exposure that guests can take away for posterity.

3. Branded interactivity at it’s best

The Alphabet Wall gives your guests a first-hand look at all the event photos that have been taken and shared, with the accounts that pics are posted from displayed in alphabetical order. This, coupled with the branded photo stations will set the stage for an awesome event that is fully representative of your business.

4. Hands-on professional photographer assistance

We provide a professional photographic assistant to be on standby at your print station and they will even walk around the event to get people involved, snapping pics and sharing like wildfire! Our branded photo stations also come with full setup included to save you time. You get the benefit of full social integration for your event without having to solve any logistics.

5. Fully-customisable backdrops and interactive Alphabet Wall

You can have your hashtag print station customised as you like to fit the tone, theme and visual design of your branded event. Have a look at our gallery of print station pictures to see some examples of how major brands such as Lindt have used our technology creatively to ramp up social buzz. The Alphabet Wall also offers guests the chance to see all the pics from the night around them as they enjoy your event, each posted in alphabetical order of the accounts that shared them.

You and your guests will literally be fully immersed in cool, quirky, branded photographic fun for the duration of the event, and afterwards as the social shares continue long after the event has ended.

Interested in hiring a hashtag print station for your next event? Of course you are!

Contact us today and tell us what you’d like.

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