3 Reasons You Want A Photo Booth At Your Event

Posted on Apr 29, 2016
3 Reasons You Want A Photo Booth At Your Event

It might seem obvious to some, but to others there’s an inevitable weighing up of options and deciding whether or not it’s worth hiring a photo booth for an event. We need to put those doubts to rest by sharing our 3 reasons why you want a photo booth at your event.

Let’s just be clear, though… our photo booths are called photo pods. They’re a unique little set up that can be placed absolutely anywhere in your event space, and they give you the freedom to move around without being crunched up inside a box. Way cooler. Plus photo pods allow you to do acrobatics, flying ninja kicks and pirouettes in front of the camera – pray tell, how would you pull that off inside a box? Hmmm… we digress.

Here is all the confirmation you need that a photo booth is thee way forward for your special event!

1. Photo booths (pods) ramp up the fun factor by 500%

Our statistics might be slightly off, but just the presence of a photo booth or photo pod at your event will ramp up the fun and excitement by miles! Events on their own are amazing, but it’s always the smaller details that the host has taken into account that make it extra special. The food and decor, the welcome drinks, the way that attention has been paid to what the guests might enjoy. And guests always enjoy a photo opportunity, which makes a pre-arranged photo booth a total hit; time and again.

2. Complete branding according to your theme or brand

If your event is an activation or promotional event, you’ve got the potential here to create some incredible brand awareness that appeals to your guests on all levels. The visually appealing, fully-branded set up and branded prints for your guests will speak volumes about your business via their aesthetic appeal. If you’re hosting a private event for friends and family, you can use your theme to dictate the green screen backdrop and themed photo prints. It’s like all the pieces of the party planning puzzle coming together in one neat package!

3. Zero responsibility for you to capture your memories

Everything is managed for you, from the set up to the photo taking to the professional input from your pro-photographer and guide. You simply have to enjoy the event and make sure you shuffle people along to the photo pod for their photos. After a few drinks you won’t be shuffling anyone, you’ll have to fight them off to get a few pics of your own in! But that’s the nature of having a photo booth at your event… it’s so much fun that everyone wants to get involved!

With all that being said, who doesn’t want a photo taken of them when they’re dressed to the nines and ready for action? Recounting what happened at events can often be difficult when there are tequila shots involved or an overwhelming amount of names to remember. This way you have concrete evidence of the events that took place and you’ve got the high-definition colour prints (and digital versions) to show for it.

Convinced? Of course you are!

Pop us a mail to find out how we can take your event to the next level with our awesome options in photo pods!

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