GlamFlip-Books – The Next Big Thing For Your Event

Posted on May 26, 2016
GlamFlip-Books – The Next Big Thing For Your Event

Pulling off a successful event is the primary concern for any brand or business who ventures “out there” into that domain. It’s the tangible representation of your brand, the opportunity to reveal the human faces behind the business exterior and there could be many reasons behind it.

Perhaps you need to host an activation for your product launch?

  • Yes, you need to invite your clients and industry influencers
  • Yes, it might be the biggest event you host all year
  • Yes, you need to capture it on record for your social media channels, your news page and for your clients… but this is where you can do things a little differently!

Everyone loves a photo booth at an event. If it’s not a photo booth, then it’s a professional photographer doing the rounds or a studio set up where you can have your photo taken. When clients, associates and partners get all dolled up for an event, they want to have some quality keepsakes to remember the moments by. This is a given, it’s human nature. Being the business that attends to these finer details scores you big points in your client’s eyes; when you’ve thought of everything to ensure that everyone has a great time.

If this is where your business is at and you’re seeking out those finer details, we’ve got you covered. But we’ve also gone one step further.

GlamFlip-Books are the new GlamFlip Books | GlamCam Photographic Innovationsevent must-have that take all of the above and package them into something more innovative, more exciting and definitely with a lot more “wow” factor.

Yes, you get all the quality, colour and fun you can normally expect from a photo booth. Yes, you get the beautiful branded photographs that you would normally expect with a professional photographer at your event. But you also get a short, branded and personal story that comes packaged with each GlamFlip-Book that tells the tale of each person’s night and the people they shared it with.

Each sequence is shot in perfect quality, leaving you with high resolution images that are converted into your very own GlamFlip-Book within the space of one minute. If you thought clients loved the photo booth, well you know they’re going to adore the GlamFlip-Books. We know this, because it’s simply that cool… but we’ve also had resounding positive feedback from the people who have used them and loved them since we launched the idea.

With every GlamFlip-Book set up, you also get the ease of use, the professional assistance and complete management of the process from start to finish, plus the branding that complements your event and your business, pixel for pixel.

What more could you ask for? Perhaps the smiles and gratitude from your clients and event attendees, which they will be handing over in abundance!

Contact us to find out more about how you can integrate GlamFlip-Books into your next event.

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