Eight Events That Are Better With a Photo Booth

Posted on Jun 29, 2016
Eight Events That Are Better With a Photo Booth

A one-off social event where fun and conversation flow freely is always a memorable occasion. Moments of hilarity make an event all the more memorable, which is why these eight events are better with a photo booth:

What better time to take candid and silly snaps of your nearest and dearest than when everyone’s dressed to impress? Photo booths for weddings can be set up at prominent points such as arrival or departure areas so that guests remember to create memorable records of the occasion.

Milestone birthdays

It’s clichéd but true to say that milestone birthdays only happen once. There’s no better time to take photos than when all your favourite people are assembled in one place to celebrate you. Even the shier partygoers will gravitate towards a booth that promises fun.

Matric Dance

A matric dance is another event where a photo booth will liven the atmosphere. Besides letting celebrating matriculants goof off, a photo booth will also leave every learner with a memorable keepsake of school days past.

Graduation Ceremony

Excited parents and students alike don’t always remember to bring cameras to graduation ceremonies. A photo booth set up near the ceremonial hall gives graduates the perfect place to record the day they’ve strived long and hard for.

Company year-end function 

Who says company year-end functions have to be a staid and sombre affair? Renting a photo booth for your end-of-year corporate party gives colleagues and associates a fun way to get into casual mode and celebrate another successful year.

Sporting event

A photo booth also offers a great way to capture proud sport supporters in their most patriotic supporters’ gear. You can have each team’s emblem printed on branded props such as flags for supporters to use in their photo booth shots.

Product launch

Photo booths present a great way to get information out about a product at launch. Guests will share snaps of themselves at an exclusive event on social media, and a booth with social sharing built in provides a great way to market your product while also giving launch attendees an interactive and personalized experience.

School fair or fundraiser

Installing a photo booth at a school fair or fundraiser is a great way to raise funds for new facilities, scholarships or other worthwhile causes. Attendees can be charged per photograph, and an attendant can get passersby interested in the booth.

Planning an important celebration or event? Book a photo booth now and give guests something to remember.

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