Warm Up Your Winter Event With Our Freebies!

Posted on Jul 26, 2016
Warm Up Your Winter Event With Our Freebies!

When Winter strikes, people find reasons to bunker down indoors. Hibernation sets in and you find few people willing to host an event that gets the blood pumping again. It definitely doesn’t have to be this way. The answer, if you’re hosting a Winter event, you need to warm up your partygoers with a little extra fun. Photo booths can be set up indoors or outdoors, and they’re the answer to getting people giggling, performing and warming up the atmosphere around you.

The best part? And the warmest, cuddliest part about this? When you hire a GlamCam Photo Pod (that’s what we call our photo booths) for your event this July and August, you get a free MobiGlam for the night too! All setup and professional photographers included.

Why Do You Want A GlamCam Photo Pod For Your Winter Event?

The question is, why not?

You might associate photo booths with outdoor events, but you can have a booth set up indoors just as easily. What’s more, a booth with an optional green screen backdrop makes it easy to choose any backdrop you like. Pouring with rain outside? Not in your tropical paradise, it’s not. Reliving Christmas in July (or August)? Well bring on the snowflakes!

Hiring a GlamCam Photo Pod for your event includes the services of a full, dedicated crew who will set up the booth, take pics and guide event-goers to your pod. They’ll also print our beautiful branded prints for each and every picture taken so that your clients, friends or family have a little special something to take home with them too.

A professional photographer will be on hand to make sure guests look great in their winter finest and also to ensure that everything goes off without a hiccup.

Your optional green screen backdrop can be customised for any theme. If your event is a brand launch or other branded event, you can also have photos automatically paired with your company’s logo and/or slogan. All guests who pose for the pod will all leave with great mementos of the occasion that will keep them talking about it.

What’s So Great About The Extra FREE MobiGlam?

Do we really need to answer this?

Unlike a pod, the MobiGlam is fully portable, so our photographers can capture the best action at your event, whether it’s an important speech or gang of grannies on the dance floor. Plus your event goers won’t have to go far to strike their poses, the photo opportunities will come to them! As we already mentioned (but need to repeat), a professional photographer will man the MobiGlam, working the crowd and getting all the action shots you need to capture the full feel of your event.

Both the Photo Pod and MobiGlam have social sharing connectivity, and your guests will have so much fun striking FOMO into the hearts of the hibernators.

Add oodles of warmth and fun to your Winter event and claim your free MobiGlam when you hire a GlamCam Photo Pod while this offer is still available.

Claim yours now, right here, or give us a call on 011 646 4387.

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