5 Ways to Elevate Your Brand with Photography

Posted on Aug 12, 2016
5 Ways to Elevate Your Brand with Photography

The saying ‘a picture says a thousand words’ might be a cliché, but it’s true that strong visuals communicate brand stories succinctly. Event photography can be used to capture scenes and moments that neatly convey your brand’s unique selling point. Here are five ways to elevate your brand through photography:

1. Create Branded Photographs For Clients To Keep

Freestanding photobooths and mobile photography at your event offer ways to create fun, branded keepsakes for clients to keep. You can brand photos with your company’s logo as well as other elements from your brand kit such as fonts and colour schemes. You can also take it one step further and brand the entire photographic experience by adding a green screen with your corporate identity pulled through into each photograph. Giving clients branded photos will elevate brand exposure since clients will share their favourite snaps with friends.

2. Ramp Up Social Sharing With Social Event Photography

A photo booth with Internet connectivity lets attendees at your event share their branded snaps on social media. To elevate your brand, make sure you have a social sharing plan built into your event photography. Pick a fun, memorable and creative hashtag to include with each tweet or Instagram post, so that you can get your brand trending and users can search for your pics long after the event has finished.

3. Get The Internet Buzzing With Live Feeds Of Event Photographs

If you have a digitally linked up event photography solution, you can create a live feed of the sexiest, most debonair or silliest snaps and get people talking about your brand, in the moment. You can also set up a projector somewhere prominent at your event (such as near an entranceway or dance floor) and loop a live feed of good-time pics from your booth.

4. Use Your Branded Event Photographs In Content Campaigns

To get more out of your branded photo booth or MobiGlam mobile photography, create a social media contest incorporating event pics. Ask your audience to tweet captions for their favourite snaps, for example. Provided you include a use rights disclaimer, you can also use photos from the event in future social media campaigns. This will give you a wealth of branded media to share that will keep reminding users about who you are.

5. Create Albums Where Attendees Can Tag Themselves

Once your event is over, create albums of event photographs for platforms such as Facebook and Pinterest. Ask attendees to tag themselves in their own photos. This will organically boost the reach of your event even after the lights have been turned off and everyone has gone home.

If you want your event to be remembered forever, you need a branded photo booth or branded mobile photography set up for your event. That’s totally our thing, so contact GlamCam today.

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