Four Year End Function Ideas for 2016

Posted on Sep 29, 2016
Four Year End Function Ideas for 2016

As the end of 2016 approaches, it’s time to start planning your end-of-year function and theme. Quite often, businesses and corporates think that going all-out with theme ideas is for more creative focused businesses, but that’s not true. Your end of year event is the one time where everyone can truly let their hair down and not have to think about work. So make it count!

Here are four year end function ideas to make your final event of the year one to remember:

Virtual Insanity

This year saw Pokémon trainers of all ages go crazy for Pokémon Go. The augmented reality game saw teens and tech-loving adults alike dashing around trying to capture virtual creatures using their cell phones. Virtual reality or VR technology is one of the biggest tech trends of the moment so why not use it to bring your year end function to life? Incorporate some virtual insanity into your end of year event. A photo booth with crazy green screen backdrops will give event attendees a way to share their best VR-inspired looks, and you can get attendees to dress the part too to keep up with the theme.

Going Green

Climate change and green innovation are hot topics, with the first continuous round-the-world by a solar-powered aircraft made this year. Join the craze and make your event all about going green. Make sure catering is eco-conscious, make all accessories out of recycled materials and have digital photography booths that let guests share all their favourite snaps in the cloud, paper-free.

Superheroes and Villains

Hollywood’s love affair with superheroes is far from over and audiences keep on filling movie houses to watch the newest superhero/villain face-offs. If you’re planning a themed costume event, superheroes and villains are always popular. The theme lends itself well to fun event photography, as you can make props available for partygoers who will vie for the silliest snap.

Mini Olympics

With 2016 being an Olympic year, there’s every excuse to make your end of year function a mini Olympics of your own. You could give out gold and silver to team staff, for example, or have fun mini-games as ice breakers. You could also work in other elements of this year’s games, such as Samba music and beach summer style. Set up a full itinerary of fun events, you could even turn them into drinking games (not that we condone copious amounts of alcohol consumption) and have your various teams represent themselves as participating countries. Always worth the time and effort and so much fun to pull off.

If you want to make your event especially memorable, a photo booth or MobiGlam camera will capture all the best moments.

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