Historic Moustaches Worthy Of Movember

Posted on Nov 16, 2016
Historic Moustaches Worthy Of Movember

This #Movember (and every Movember for that matter) we would like to shift the focus to all the brave men out there, daring to sport a moustache in support of fighting men’s terminal illnesses. It’s not easy stepping out of your comfort zone and doing something completely unlike your cool self, but there are those among us who have the stamina and facial hair growth capacity to withstand the criticism and support the cause.

To help spur you on a little bit, we decided to take a look at some of the more iconic, historic moustaches of our past in the hopes that they might give you some aspirational advantage.

Historic Moustaches Worthy Of Movember | GlamCam

When you think of an iconic moustache, who comes to mind?

Tom Selleck as Magnum PI if you were living it up in the 80s. He was honestly one of the coolest cats back then, right? Naas Botha in the 80s during his incredible run as one of South Africa’s rugby legends! He was voted Rugby Player Of The Year in 1979, 1981, 1985 as well as 1987… but we digress.

Tripping way back in time, there were some world-famous moustaches that would have done Movember proud. Charlie Chaplin might be one of the oldest… that moustache is still being replicated for dress up parties and Halloween. Or even Albert Einstein… one can very seldom forget the impact he had on the world with his intelligence and incredibly famous moustache.

If you want to talk about mos that demanded attention, then Salvador Dali probably had the most prominent one. The surrealist painter wowed the world with his imaginative paintings, but one can also never forget the elaborate moustache that graced his face.

Jimi Hendrix was another historic name who made mos look cool… in fact, one might say legendary! Freddie Mercury, Borat, Burt Reynolds… they’d all look a little lost without their mos, don’t you think?

These incredible men of our past (and present) took the moustache to another level and we can only hope that our Movember contenders will be doing the same.

Any of these pull on your facial hair and make you want to grow a mo? If you do then you need to get involved with #Movember, bro! Help prevent men from dying too young by raising funds for awareness.

Peace out, mo bros!

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