Meet Stuart McCallum-Brown – GlamCam Photo Booth Operator

Posted on Nov 25, 2016
Meet Stuart McCallum-Brown – GlamCam Photo Booth Operator

Meet Stuart McCallum-Brown - GlamCam Photobooth OperatorMeet Stuart McCallum-Brown. He’s one of GlamCam’s esteemed photo booth operators. At any given event (except for very intimate events where space and guests are limited) there are two people manning the photo booth. One assumes the role of the photographer and another takes on the role of assistant. The assistant will help organise everyone into queues when things get busy, hand out their photos and make sure the photographer has everything he or she needs. The photographer has the responsibility of making each photo a masterpiece!

Stuart is usually behind the lens and he is incredibly passionate about what he does. He’s exactly the kind of person we need to have working our photo booths because he gets the crowd going and knows what to do when he’s faced with an obstacle. We asked him a few questions about his role:

How do you think a photo booth contributes to an event?

It’s fantastic to see just how much people have fun with it. The reviews are always amazing. We did an event with a small turnout recently and even with so few people the response was huge as people love to see themselves in photos.

Guests get to walk away with a high definition picture of them looking amazing so they love it. They are also in awe of what we do and how we do it. Our social photo print function really gets people excited.

Photo Booth Operator | GlamCam

What do you do when people are shy in front of the camera?

Normally they are in groups so it helps when the mates are there with them having embarrassing photos taken together. We try and opt for group photos and then take multiple pictures so that each person gets a copy.

How do you deal with people who hog the photo booth?

We don’t usually have a problem. We get a lot of people inundating the photo booth, but they still remain classy. As the night draws on, people who’ve had a lot to drink want to take loads of photos of the same pose, so we let them do their thing as everyone is super friendly, but we just help them mix things up a bit with their poses.

Any challenges to speak of?

It’s always fun and games, but we still have to be professional and diplomatic. We are working with very expensive equipment and sometimes a nudge from an intoxicated person can be quite frightening. We have to be on our toes at all times.

Describe a typical event and setup

We have such a great team for the job. They are all high energy and amped on what they do so it makes it very easy for everyone. Vusi is the crew technician who manages the setup. The setup team is awesome and they all really pull together to make events successful. Vusi is always on the job early to set up everything, tape cables to the floor, make sure it’s all safe and secure.

Once he’s done, we need to be there an hour before so that we can set up the photo booth systematically. We do a few test prints, adjust the camera and then BOOM. We’re ready for business.

Photo Booth Operator | GlamCam

What are some of the most memorable events you’ve done?

I really enjoyed the most recent event we did at Katy’s Palace for a beer launch. All of the JHB food bloggers were invited, we got to watch the sun set over JHB, had Majozi playing live, the décor was incredible and everyone loved the photo booth because they were having such a great time. I used the MobiGlam for this event and was free to move around and capture all the focal points, food and décor. Jobs like this make you realise how fortunate you are to do what you do.

With photo booth operators like Stuart and a setup team run by Vusi, you know you’re guaranteed exceptional service every time your rent a photo booth from GlamCam.

Get a head start on 2017 and book your photo booth for your event today.

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