New Awesome Updates To Our MobiGlam Offering

Posted on Dec 12, 2016
New Awesome Updates To Our MobiGlam Offering

We’ve raved pretty endlessly about our MobiGlam, because it is that awesome. It’s basically all the cool functionality of our GlamCam Photo Pod, except it’s 100% mobile and can capture every moment of an event or function from any angle at any time. No need for event attendees to find your photo booth, you can bring the photo booth to them!

Yes, that in itself is super cool. But… there’s more!

We’ve added a whole load of new features to the entire MobiGlam package so that you can now get more out of your event experience and your budget.

The Power Of Choice

Clients now have multiple formats to choose from when using MobiGlam for their activations. The ability to flick and choose between video, photo or gif functionality now offers the scope for varying outputs that can speak to a number of different briefs. Getting creative with event coverage has now become so much easier… and plenty more fun too! Across each format, the imagery produced can be 100% branded, giving clients further talking points across the various social platforms while also tying their imagery into event branding and decor.

Analytical Feedback

While the “pretty” and the “fun” is always enough to seal the deal, we now also have the ability to analyse where the branded images are being shared, helping clients direct their photographic campaigns and determine a return on investment. Directing the focus of activations is so much easier when you have some understanding of what works for your audience.

It’s Hip To Be Square

We’ve also created the option to use square format imagery across all video, image and gif formats, tying in with Instagram and the much-favoured square deal that perpetuates all sense of cool on our favourite social platforms.

Intrigued? You should be!

Give us a shout to find out how a MobiGlam can bring your event to life!

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