Why Photo Booths Are Better Than Selfies

Posted on Jan 23, 2017
Why Photo Booths Are Better Than Selfies

Don’t get us wrong. We love a well executed selfie! In fact, each member of our GlamCam team has been known to post a decent selfie – some more than others – from time to time. But when it comes to capturing the essence of a moment or an event, they’re not the best means for doing so.

In the age of digital excellence and Smartphone mania, many may think that the need for photographers is dwindling. Before you even consider that notion let’s just say that a Smartphone, photo-editing app and Instagram do not a photographer make! Although it’s a fabulous way to experiment with different filters, features and ideas, the skill is something built up over many years. When it comes to hosting an event or function, relying on your guests and their photo-taking abilities probably won’t get you the best visual coverage you require.

This is why photo booths are better than selfies, in our opinion… and here are a few other reasons:

Photo Booths Are Better Than Selfies | GlamCam

Lighting And Setup

There’s more to taking a photo than pressing the capture button. Ensuring that there is enough light to deliver the best quality is of utmost importance. Setting up cameras at the right angles, taking test shots, adjusting positioning to afford better quality are all elements that are not considered when using a professional photo booth setup. It’s these intricate tweaks and adjustments that deliver quality images of your guests looking their absolute best!

Photo Booths Deliver Better Resolution

Even though the cameras on phones are advancing at a rapid rate, the cameras used in photo booths are too. We use high quality DSLR cameras for our photo booths so that the picture quality is premium high definition with impeccable resolution. This also ensures picture-perfect clarity on your prints. Which brings us to the next point…

Photo Booths Also Deliver Branded Prints Of Pics

Snapping a selfie is one thing, but getting a print of your photo, delivered almost immediately, is something entirely different. One of the features of our GlamCam Photo Pods, MobiGlam cams and Hashtag Print Stations is that each photo taken delivers an awesome, high res photo printout for the user to take home. Yes, we may be steering away from analogue and conventional, but there is still something incredibly special about holding a printed photograph in your hand and being able to pin it up, frame it or stick it in an album. Plus, you can brand these pics with your official event theme or title, or you can have your company logo on each one as a keepsake reminder for your special guests.

3 Reasons To Get Photo Booth | GlamCam

Backgrounds And Branding Using Green Screen

Transport your guests to epic locations around the globe or red carpet events by using a green screen with your chosen background image. Green screen photography also allows you to brand your event photographs with a pre-defined, branded background giving you (literally) limitless options for setting the scene.

Work The Room

With our MobiGlam cams, you can work the room much like you would with your SmartPhone. Take pics of people all over the party without them having to come to you and you’ll be able to capture elements of the event that others wouldn’t think to take a pic of. The decor, the food, the layout and general mood of a room… plus all the antics of everyone having a blast! Which brings us to the last point…

Focus On Enjoying Yourself

If you’re focusing on snapping selfies of you with everyone, are you really letting loose and having a good time? Instead of focusing the lens of your camera, focus on the fun and enjoy the time spent with your guests! Letting a professional photo booth set up take care of capturing the memories for you will allow¬†you to let your hair down.

Do you agree with us? Have we hit the nail on the head?

If you want to book a photo booth for your next event or function, all you have to do is ask! Contact us today.

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