Capture Your Love

Posted on Feb 16, 2017
Capture Your Love

There was a Coca Cola advert that circulated around the world a few years ago showcasing how security cameras can also capture the beauty in our world, not just the bad guys in action. It’s a montage of video clips of lovers stealing kisses, samaritans doing good deeds, friendship attacks, crazy people doing awesome things… it was basically a collection of the inherent loveliness of human nature and how we miss out on all those small details because we’re too busy with life. We’re not sure if it was staged or if these were legitimate video clips of people doing what people do best, but we loved it nonetheless!

It made us realise how important visual media is in the stirring of emotions and reminding people about the essence of what it is to be human, what it means to have fun and what it feels like to love and laugh! We use photographs and video on a daily basis to express ourselves and to tell a story about how we live and what it is that makes us tick. It’s honestly such a gift to be able to do so!

This is why we shamelessly plug our services as photo booth operators and event photographers because we know how important it is to capture those moments and to capture the love. In our eyes, we are more than just photographers, we are memory makers. We are those people who make it possible for you to remember the intricate details of a special night, we bring back a snapshot of a moment shared with a loved one, we make you cry with laughter when you look back at an expressive¬†photo booth pic, or we help you immortalise friends and family members who you haven’t seen for years. This is why we do what we do. It’s so much more than taking photographs because we know that it means so much more to you!

Capture the love.

Okay, it IS the month of love, so we ARE allowed to get a little mushy although we think we just tipped the scales on mushiness. So we’re out. But before we go… here’s that Coca Cola video we were talking about. All the feels.

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