Meet Fikile – Devoted Production Assistant

Posted on Mar 23, 2017
Meet Fikile – Devoted Production Assistant

Say hi to Fikile Biyam – our energetic, friendly and super-smiley production assistant, who could also be referred to as the GlamCam glue. The lady that keeps everything together behind the scenes – bless her cotton socks!

We took a minute to find out more about what goes on in Fikile’s head and heart when she’s not dealing with our never-ending supply of administration.

When everyone’s busy firing on all cylinders and dealing with the big guns, Fikile has their backs and is there to catch anything that may fall by the wayside. She could be likened to a juggler – or a very adept magician’s assistant, making the main act look incredibly impressive while handling the surrounding environment. She ensures that the show always goes on from an office and admin point of view, holding down the fort no matter what the situation.

You can’t fault a person like Fikile because she goes out there and gets what she wants, including her current role as a part of the GlamCam family. She knocked. We answered. We liked. We hired. How could we possibly say no? It wasn’t even an option. She also does what is needed, when it’s needed… an integral part of the buzz, keeping things nice and smooth, and as mellow as possible (we do try to keep things mellow). She LOVES her job and she loves us (she said we are the coolest bosses – #justsaying), which makes us feel all warm and squishy inside!

Other reasons to come to work? “I get to share my days with fun, lively personalities who have a strong work ethic, are performance driven and in all that have time to share humour and gags.”

Gags. We love gags!

This tenacious team player uses her go-getter attitude to constantly support and maintain the strength of our production capabilities, while taking care of all deliveries, collections and the admin that the rest of us never get to!

She’s our gal and we love her!

Fikile’s View On GlamCam

Something that our smiley, bubbly Fikile never fails to spread is positivity, and that’s important to our business. In her words: “We turn our clients’ dreams into reality and being a part of the innovation processes is always exciting!  To see how we make the impossible, possible!”

Not even we could make ourselves sound as cool as she does! She also has high hopes and dreams for our future and is quite certain that we will be leading South Africa’s photographic solutions in a few years to come. If Fikile has our back, we’ll be going places, that’s for sure!

Can GlamCam Change The World?

According to Fikile, we are already making waves. We are constantly trying to do our bit as part of the fabric of South Africa and it is only with the right team that we can even hope to do so.

“We always aim to bring happiness and positivity to each event. We bring people together while capturing all the good memories. When we can, we donate leftover stock to children’s homes and are currently looking to employ part time new recruits into our business that have just come out of varsity – offering them work experience for their next position and a reference to add to their CV, should they become one of our preferred suppliers. We know how difficult it is nowadays to get a job with no experience, so we do think that this will benefit these young upcoming individuals.”

Man, she just makes us sound downright awesome.

When our young lass is not waging war on admin, aligning processes or keeping our clients happy, she is at home, listening to music or reading – the two primary loves of her life! We also asked her what she would add to the office to make her infinitely happy, and she would like a green garden at the back of the office with a few hammock chairs to chill in.

Hmmm… that’s not actually a bad idea… at all.

We’ll get back to you on the green garden and hammocks, Fikile. We like your vision! Thanks for taking the time to chat to us.

You can find out more about Fikile and the rest of the GlamCam family here. If you’d like to chat to us in person – give us a call or drop us a line.

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