How A Photo Booth Operator Makes Your Event Magic

Posted on Apr 25, 2017
How A Photo Booth Operator Makes Your Event Magic

Photo booth operators are a breed of human who take ordinary situations and transform them into extraordinary events. They are in charge of the photo booth (0bviously), which is usually the add-on for most events, but ends up being one of the highlights – provided you have an operator worth his or her salt. In the words of the great Gareth Gilmour – he’s a guy we know – there are two honeypots at any given event. The bar and the photo booth. As the night wears on, these two areas will continue to gain attention from the crowds and as people loosen up and start to feel the party vibe, this phenomenon increases even more so!

If you’ve got a “class A” photo booth operator taking charge of his or her domain, you’ll quickly start to see how said professional can make your event magic.

Here’s how we ensure that our photo booth operators do exactly that!

We Only Hire The Best Of The Best

We don’t just say that. Our photo booth operators are in a class of their own. They are all “people persons” (you have to be in this line of work) and have a professional attitude. It’s a priority for them to get as many people in front of the camera as possible, so they turn on the charm, flash those pearly whites and get your guests fully involved in making marvelous memories.

Everything Is Set Up Before Your Guests Arrive

You don’t need to do anything except suggest a few locations where the photo booth might fit best. Our team of pros will do the rest to the point that you won’t have to concern yourself with the photo booth at all. They will arrive hours in advance so there is plenty of time to get things ready. Once on the scene they will position themselves out of the way but in a prominent enough location that your guests will find them. They’ll handle the cabling, tape everything out of the way so no one trips over it, do appropriate tests and adjustments until everything is in 100% working order. All before your guests arrive.

Our Teams Are Engaging And Enthusiastic

Not only will our team of photo booth operators create a light ambience that filters through to the rest of the event, they will also encourage your guests to come alive! Not everyone is the life and soul of a party, so they will help them feel like they are! They will:

  • Entice people to have their pics taken
  • Help shy people to open up and have fun with the camera by telling them what to do
  • Suggest poses and props to help guests loosen up
  • Encourage stiff people to smile
  • Get out into the throng of people with a MobiGlam and take pics in the moment, on the go

Your Guests Will Get Nothing Less Than 5 Star Treatment

Our team members are always well presented and dressed for the occasion. If it’s a black tie event, our team will follow suit (excuse the pun). If it’s a casual affair, they will be casual yet elegant. Your guests are treated like royalty as we coax their most beautiful smiles out of them, and the results are always evidence of this.

Let your friends or clients become celebrities for a day!

Contact us today to book your chosen photo booth and subsequent photo booth operator extraordinaire.



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