Using Green Screen To Take Movie Guests Beyond The River

Posted on May 15, 2017
Using Green Screen To Take Movie Guests Beyond The River

We recently had the honour of taking guests Beyond The River using green screen technology at the movie premier events around Gauteng. You’re probably familiar with the recently released movie, Beyond The River, and if not, you should remedy that asap. It’s a locally produced movie about two gents from very different backgrounds and how they overcome all odds to compete in The Dusi.

Our clients, Discovery Vitality, Adreach and Soweto Canoe Club, wanted to give guests a realistic photo booth experience prior to the pre-screening of the movie across Gauteng. They wanted movie-goers to have their photographs taken in an actual canoe, against the backdrop of a river, giving them the experience of being in the paddler’s seat, which tied in nicely with Discovery’s Vitality efforts. Our task was to take the creative idea and make it happen using a makeshift river scene and green screen technology, but not every person would fit and how would we get them into the canoe?

When it comes to creative execution, anything is possible if you simply apply ingenuity!

Our Creative Photography Process: How We Did It

Using Green Screen To Take Movie Guests Beyond The River | GlamCamOn paper, the process was simple:

  • Take client brief
  • Create associated scenery and stage the canoe in such a way that it would appear as if you were sitting on the river
  • Entice guests to interact and put them in the canoe
  • Take amazing photographs

This proved to be a little more difficult than we expected after we hired beanbags to prop up the canoe and they failed to do the job. Could we put the canoe on a table? No. How would guests climb up? What if they fell off? So we applied our brains to the brief and decided we needed to build a platform, which we did! We borrowed some pallets from a nearby bottle store and built up a platform that was low enough to get onto, but high enough to become part of the background. The pallets were also wide enough that guests could stand on them before getting into the canoe and get out the same way, so there was no fear of falling out and off!

The next step was aligning the foreground with the green screen background. Our client had provided the background image, so we simply needed to adjust our lighting to make the guests become a part of the background, which was further enhanced by giving them oars to paddle with!

Using Green Screen To Take Movie Guests Beyond The River | GlamCam

Paddling On To Photo Booth Success

The final product was brilliant, if we do say so ourselves! Our guests were only too thrilled to interact and engage with the scene and each had their moment of glory in front of the camera.

Thanks so much to Discovery Vitality, Adreach and Soweto Canoe Club for allowing us the opportunity to do more with our photo booth and green screen setup. It gave us the chance to see what we can come up with when our initial ideas fail us. Proof that if you simply keep paddling, you can create a positive outcome!

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