How Hashtags Can Leverage Your Event Photo Booth

Posted on May 25, 2017
How Hashtags Can Leverage Your Event Photo Booth

We live in a digital world, where so much can be controlled and manipulated from an online space. In our line of work as photo booth operators, this creates such an awesome way to leverage our work during brand activations or events. We generally find that word of mouth helps us secure the business, and for this we are most grateful. But using the benefits of digital, we can leverage that even further. One of the best ways is through the use of hashtags.

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Before: Create A Hype

When we know we’re going to be setting up a photo booth at a particular event, we start the process of brainstorming appropriate hashtags with our clients. Sometimes these are already defined as part of a bigger campaign, so we latch onto that and make sure it is splashed across everything we do.

From the word go, we start using the hashtags with every mention of our work and on all of the event updates. This carries through to the actual branding of our photo booth, as well as the green screen, if one is being used. All event updates on social media advertising help us get the hashtags out there and start people talking about the event and – of course – our photo booths.

During: The Crowds Spread The Word For You

As part of our photo booth offering, we implement social media sharing functionality, if the client wants that option. It’s always highly recommended as what better place to share awesome photo booth pics than on social media? And to have it automated? Even better! It’s a feature that’s built into our photo booths, so all our clients (and event goers) need to do is have their snaps shot and the rest is done for them.

What results is instant social media gratification using the appropriate hashtags attached to each and every photo booth image. Already a smooth flow of social activity starts to take place, and in some cases – depending on event size and the number of attendees – the hashtags begin trending. This is always exciting when we an entirely separate element of event promotion starts happening, running parallel to the event itself.

After: Keeping Momentum And Memories Going

Once the events come to an end and life returns to a semi-normal state again, we really start to have fun with our event hashtags. Everyone has foggy memories of the night before, but by using one simple search, all the photo booth pics with hashtags attached are available for party people to scroll through and laugh (or cringe) at.

We keep the momentum going a little longer by publishing a few of our favourite photo booth memories with the event hashtags, thanking the event hosts and making mention of how much fun we had. We always have fun, that’s a given!

The wave of motion is carried even further with:

  • Facebook shares
  • Retweets
  • Instagram shares
  • Event feedback and reviews on social pages

We make sure we get the most value that those little seemingly insignificant hashtags can offer while we can and it certainly does go far!

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