GlamCam Trolls Activation, Eastgate Mall, 2016

Posted on Jun 2, 2017
GlamCam Trolls Activation, Eastgate Mall, 2016

Last year was a great year that was made all the more colourful with our Trolls activation at Eastgate Mall. Our client, HDI – Youth Marketeers (super cool peeps), asked us to set up a week-long activation in a bustling area of the mall to attract moms, dads and most importantly, kids to come in, interact with our photo booth and have their photos taken.

We were incredibly honoured to be the team to create this activation, as the chosen promoter had to have a really good rapport with kids. It just so happens that this isn’t our first rodeo for kids and we loved making a space that children would want to be a part of.

Making A Photo Booth Activation Worthy Of Kids’ Approval

If there is any group of people who speak their minds and criticise where criticism is due, it’s kids. We had to make sure that our photo booth setup was worthy of their approval and praise and… well, we did it!

To start with we had to implement an adjustable photo booth unit that could be variable according to the many different heights of the kids who would be engaging with the activation. We also had to be 100% mindful of where we placed our equipment, where our cables ran and how everything was positioned so that it would be safe and secure for children and for us.

Kids don’t sit or stand in one place and we know that and appreciate it too. It’s always our protocol to ensure that everything is tucked away safely, but we made an extra special effort to ensure this for all the kids that would be coming and going, running and jumping and doing what kids generally do.

Have a look at our little behind the scenes video of the setup and how it ran. We are super proud of the activations we do and always express immense gratitude to our clients for allowing us the opportunity to work on them.

Have an idea for an activation, but not sure how you can pull it off?

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