An Ideal Event For A Photo Booth Operator

Posted on Jun 15, 2017
An Ideal Event For A Photo Booth Operator

Every photo booth manager or operator dreams of the ideal event, where things go off without a hitch and everyone has the time of their lives! In an ideal world, this would be every event… although we admit that would get a little boring! It’s refreshing to have a challenge every now and again to keep us all on our toes!

But if we were to choose how an event goes down so that we can make photo booth magic (and memories), this would be it.

The Ideal Setup

Whenever our team of photo booth operators get to an event we scope out the area and make sure we’re positioned in exactly the right spot for maximum flow of traffic and ease of operation. The ideal venue and setup would be spacious, free from clutter and with an ambience that is both warm and electric.

We need the space to be able to set up our photo booth and related equipment without the risk of it being knocked over, tampered with or in the way of guests and their mingling habits. Our cables are quickly taped down and out of the way of heels and toes and we’ve got enough room around our equipment to move, shake and work the room.

An Ideal Event For A Photo Booth Operator | GlamCam

The Perfect Guests

The perfect guests for creating photo booth magic are those who aren’t shy to have a little fun. They’re usually open to trying new and crazy things and their energy becomes an infectious serum that slowly seeps into the entire room, getting everyone involved. Yes, we can get people going, yes, we can make people step up to the photo booth and Vogue it like they did in the 90s, but it’s the guests that really get things going.

We’ve seen it time and again… once that energy ignites a spark it’s like a train leaving the station. It doesn’t come back again for the rest of the night but slowly picks up people around the room until everyone is on board!

An Ideal Event For A Photo Booth Operator | GlamCam

The Vibe

The best events have a vibe that is tangible. Where no one has to try and get things going, it all simply happens. As a photo booth operator, this is when we get the best results, and by results, we mean photos. These are the photos that people keep forever on their pinboards, as their Facebook profile pictures or framed above the fireplace in the lounge. This level of love for a photograph is what we aspire to achieve for each and every person who steps in front of the camera. If we can get to that – we’ve won! We’ve helped create magic! We’ve been part of the ideal event.

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