Meet Photo Booth Rental & Field Manager, Vusi

Posted on Jun 26, 2017
Meet Photo Booth Rental & Field Manager, Vusi

If you ever go to a gig or event where GlamCam is in the house, then you’re more than likely going to cast your gaze upon the lovely, friendly and talented Vusumuzi Yende. He’s the face of GlamCam and the guy that pulls all the strings together with our photo booth rentals to tie up an event just beautifully! He was introduced to GlamCam through a friend and this serendipitous meeting was the beginning of a wonderfully fruitful relationship.

Affectionately known as Vusi, our photo booth rentals and field manager is the first on the scene at an event to ensure that everything goes off without a hitch. He’s also not unlike the inner workings of the machine, ensuring that each and every GlamCam photo booth unit that goes out and gets set up is operating to perfection and that the setup is conducive to encouraging free flow of traffic and that the positioning is optimal for maximum exposure. He triple checks everything from the software to the system and makes sure that when the first guest comes in front of the camera to be photographed, that it’s a smooth and pleasant experience that will be remembered forever.

Vusi loves being a part of the GlamCam team and has much respect for our boss, professional photographer Mr Gareth Gilmour. He sees Gareth as an innovator and by extension, GlamCam is too! He has no intention of going anywhere but wants to continue riding the GlamCam wave, with all the technical challenges that come with photo booth rentals, all the colourful events and the memory making that comes with it!

In his words: “You meet different personalities, there are interesting challenges everyday that push you to be a better person, and creating memories for people is priceless.”

Sounds super cool.

When you sit down and talk to an employee of a business and all that they exude is happiness and warmth, you know that the business is doing something right. And no, this is not a case of horns being tooted but rather extreme pride that needs to be highlighted. Thanks, Vusi – you rock! GlamCam is lucky to have you on board! And if we can repay you by building the games room you want at the office, then we will! But for now… we hope you’ll settle for great coffee and our stimulating conversation! ☺

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