Canon Movie Set Experiential Activation

Posted on Aug 18, 2017
Canon Movie Set Experiential Activation

One of our clients, Canon South Africa, called on us to create a movie set experiential activation. It was a means for them to showcase how their products go above and beyond the standard DSLR that we are all familiar with. They wanted their clients to be taken on a journey of discovery to help them understand how Canon gear has multiple uses for multiple scenarios and environments.

Our challenge was to decide how to pull this off and we toyed with a number of ideas before finding the perfect solution. We thought first about having scenes rotating on a platform and having our professional photographer remain stationery while the scenes flipped past his or her lens. It felt like a broadway show, so we moved our thought processes forward to the next idea, until eventually… we settled on the Dolly Booth.

Dolly Photo Booth For Canon's Experiential Activation

We created what we called a Dolly Booth, which was a combination of – you guessed it – a dolly and one of our photo booths.

In addition to that, we created a template in the backend of the photo booth that would automatically create a collage effect for each of the guests or clients. They would be shot in the different locations, while the dolly moved up and down shooting each shot in sequence. The end result was this take-home memento:

Photo booth activation image for Canon South Africa

In the end, our client, their clients and the GlamCam team were all over the moon with the results. The energy that was built up throughout the day was electric!  It just proved to us once again that with a little “outside-the-box” thinking, a great brief and freedom for execution, we could create a well-planned photographic experience with pro level equipment.

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