New Ways To Activate Your Brand

Posted on Aug 29, 2017
New Ways To Activate Your Brand

We’re always on the hunt for new and exciting ways to innovate in the activation space, and that’s exactly what we’ve done with our new releases:

  • The Glam-360-Cam
  • The Selfie Bar

Yup, they are as unconventional and cool as they sound. We will be sharing more exciting information on both of them as time goes on, as well as some unique ideas on how to use them to create experiential activations for your brand or business. But for now… here’s a short rundown to whet your appetite.


New Ways To Activate Your Brand with GlamCamThe Glam-360-Cam is based on a rotational platform, which is all the rage, we’ll have you know! Clients can brand the backdrop or shoot against the green screen, placing their guests wherever their imagination seeks to take them. The 360 booth captures multiple images of guests rotating around and then creates a branded GIF, which can be shared to social media channels, pages or events… extending the hype of your event throughout the Internet ether!

Book your Glam-360-Cam now, because these babies are spinning out of control!

Selfie Bar

New Ways To Activate Your BrandThe Selfie Bar was developed as a solution to the growing need for bars, night clubs and festivals to drive traffic to their social media platforms. It allows club owners to place the Selfie Bar unit inside their club, wall mounted or as a stand alone feature. Guests can then shoot selfies all night long, sharing their photos, GIFs or videos to the club’s Facebook page.

This leads to even further social shares and page Likes as your guests do the promotion for you, leading to social traffic and a really inexpensive, interactive social enabler. The “brandability” of the unit allows products and brands perfect positioning and association within the club, bar and festivals space.

Get your Selfie Bar today and start preparing for a selfie takeover!

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