Say Hi To Carey Meyer: Sales Account Manager

Posted on Aug 30, 2017
Say Hi To Carey Meyer: Sales Account Manager

The newest member of our team might be young and a little crazy, but you need an element of colourful madness to work here, and her youth gives new life to older ideas and ways of thinking. In other words, she’s a fresh injection of crazy, cool and happy that perfectly complements the energy and experience we currently we have going on at GlamCam.

Carey Meyer joined the team after discovering a potential opening through a recruitment manager. It wasn’t long before we knew that she was going to be the cheese to our macaroni and we got her on board as our Sales Account Manager. Essentially she sources new business for us, using her young, outspoken charm and boundless enthusiasm, and then she makes sure that our existing clients are getting the love and attention they so rightly deserve.

A typical day in the life of our young sales fundi includes:

  • Liaising with clients, checking in and making sure they’re always happy
  • Meeting new people and potential GlamCam afficianados
  • Educating new clients on how our photographic solutions can transform their events
  • Hanging out with the crew

How Does Carey View GlamCam?

Carey is in love with us – of course, because she’s now one of us! She describes the GlamCam team as innovative, fun, creative, unique and intriguing. Why, thank you!

In her words: “I see the company as an entity reaching new heights as we are always willing to push the creative boundaries and offer our clients new bespoke offerings, while staying ahead of market trends.”

We like to think that this is how we attracted her into the fold and made her one of us. Because you don’t just happen to stumble across such talent. If we are constantly thinking outside the box, it helps our team to do the same, which results in a melting pot of the most incredible concepts – many of which we put to the test.

Carey’s biggest challenge is also us. Hmmm… apparently we are so amazing and dynamic that we can also be a distraction. C’est la vie!

One Wish For South Africa

We all have one. Hers is for our country to have a better economy and governmental structure. She believes that GlamCam is helping that become a reality by providing job opportunities all over South Africa. We’d like to think it makes a difference.

How could we ever pay Carey back for all the energy she puts into our business? Well she would appreciate free holidays. Who wouldn’t?

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