Which GlamCam Product Matches Your Event?

Posted on Sep 22, 2017
Which GlamCam Product Matches Your Event?

We’ve been in the business of brand activations and events for a while now, so we have our ear to the ground on what works and where it fits best. We make brands come to life, we put the “activate” in activations and we help people create memorable images of moments to want to keep forever. Our experiential offerings are a reflection of that and a means to visually interpret every special feature of an event or activation. We have a match for every type of activation you can imagine, and it’s only imagination that limits how expansive that match can be!

Let your mind wander along this journey with us as we re-introduce what we do and how it can activate your brand.

GlamCam Photo Pod And Studio Setup

GlamCam Photo Pod And Studio Setup

GlamCam Photo Pod

Our original GlamCam Photo Pod has done us and our clients so proud! We have activated many a colourful, imaginative, professional and unique brand with the GlamCam Photo Pod and we will continue to do so for years to come. Our open-air photo booth is a must for any activation and it offers the extensive reach of the social sphere with every photograph and every share. Company branding on each print and digital copy is a must for brands wanting to gain that extra bit of headway in their awareness campaigns.

Studio Setup

For the more professional activation or corporate event, a studio setup is the perfect answer. It offers each guest the opportunity to experience an authentic photo shoot, while framing and mounting solutions can be chosen to finish off photographs to perfection.

Selfie Bar, Hashtag Print Station And MobiGlam

Selfie Bar, Hashtag Print Station And MobiGlam

Selfie Bar

You might have already spotted the Selfie Bar in a nightclub, at a festival or in a bar as it continues to gain traction as an experience in itself. It is aimed as owners of such establishments to help enhance their business brand awareness, while also giving their guests something different to do while they’re socialising. Guests can take selfies to their heart’s content that are then shared far and wide for maximum social exposure for the brand.

Hashtag Print Station

The Hashtag Print Station is the social extension of our GlamCam Photo Pod, taking the “shareability” of great moments to the next level. Brands can choose a dedicated hashtag that is automatically shared with each image produced, along with their unique branding. It’s a classic approach to brand awareness that has worked time and again for illustrious brands around the country.


MobiGlam takes all the fun and functionality of our photo pods and makes it fully mobile for all to enjoy. Those guests sitting shyly in the corner will get their moment to shine in front of the camera as our professional camera men and women entice guests to come out of their shells and have some fun! All photos are branded with the event’s chosen theme and shared far and wide for maximum effect.

Bespoke Experiential Offerings

Glam-360-Cam, Custom Filters, Dolly Booth

For clients and brands that want something a little more out-of-the-box, the bespoke experiential offerings are a great place to start. Each one has something very unique to offer.


The Glam-360-Cam is what we like to think of as the superhero of our experiential offerings. It’s the wild ride at the amusement park so to speak and it’s become incredibly popular since we introduced it. It’s made up of a rotational platform that the guests stand on while photographs are being snapped of each angle in the rotation. The photos are then sewn together to produce a branded GIF of all the magical moments in one. There are so many ways it can be used, like above with guests looking up for the real superhero effect.

Custom Photo Filters

Custom Photo Filters are a little bit of magic added to your photographs. Anything from an Andy Warhol influence in 2017 to pencil and paint effects and warp filters. Whatever will complement the theme or idea behind your activation or event and tip the scales in favour of the “wow” factor.

Dolly Booth

We recently did a shoot with Canon where we had the opportunity to bring our Dolly Booth to life. Guests were able to move through different scenarios while the dolly moved with them, capturing a moment in each scene before moving with each guest on their journey. It created a seamless flow of energy that rippled through the room as much as it did on the take-home collage of photographs that each guest got to enjoy.

Social Tracking

We offer all our clients the opportunity to measure the reach of their branded promotions and event experiences. Our own analytical software can be built-in to each package to accurately determine your return on investment.

So which experiential offering is the one that will best activate your brand? If you’re unsure, we can help you decide. Give us a call today!


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