Best Applications For Our Bespoke Photo Filters

Posted on Oct 6, 2017
Best Applications For Our Bespoke Photo Filters

Our unique, bespoke photo filters are an inventive addition to any activation or photo booth experience, adding a little extra colour, flavour and flair to your standard branded images. Don’t get us wrong… there is SO MUCH you can do with what we call “standard branded images”, but this is taking things to a whole new level!

Think about how we all love adding funny filters to our photographs, creating an area for exclusivity and originality. So we took that thinking and applied it to our bespoke photo filters, allowing guests to add them to each photo produced by our freestanding photo booths. We think these are a great match for any brand activation – even a formal corporate event will enjoy a giggle or two with added warp filters to portrait photographs! But there are some events that truly come to life with the added photo filter fun.

Face Warp Photo Filter

Firstly, our clients can choose from the following bespoke photo filters:

  1. Andy Warhol experience: adding the genius of Andy Warhol to your photographs results in a a photo divided into four separate quadrants, much like his typical screen prints.
  2. Pencil effects: take your photograph and sketch it out in lifelike detail
  3. Paint effects: the same as the pencil effects but with paint
  4. Warp filters: add a filter to warp segments of the photo to give it a comical edge

Oil Painting Photo Filter

In terms of the best applications for our bespoke photo filters, we think these are a great match! If you’re dealing with comedy or any event with light-hearted comedic value, the Andy Warhol and warp filters are an exceptional match for your branded prints and digital images. Anything to do with art and culture could match up to the Andy Warhol, pencil effect or paint effect too. Events that deal with a softer, more feminine approach would match up so well with the pencil effects, while the paint effects can take a corporate event and give it an added splash of colour.

How would you use our bespoke photo filters to add dimension to your branded activation or event experience?

Contact us to chat about how we can enhance your event or activation with our bespoke photo filters.

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