Branded Activations: Going Beyond The Brief

Posted on Nov 9, 2017
Branded Activations: Going Beyond The Brief

A brief is both an instruction and an invitation to create something amazing. It’s the first step in opening up the mind to possibility and innovation, and it’s something we get super excited about. There are two ways you can look at a brief. You can follow it to the letter and deliver pretty much exactly what client wants, without any bleeding over onto either side. Or you can take a brief and expand it into four dimensional, multicolour glory and create something that only exists beyond the brief. This is like the unicorn of delivery… it’s where all the magic happens!

Going beyond the brief in our branded activations

Going beyond the brief for the movie “Beyond the River”

Needless to say, this is the space we like to play in. We take everything our client wants and we apply our creativity, our individual skill sets and everything we have learned over combined decades of experience to transform it into an experiential play on the senses. Everyone loves having their photo taken, but having a photo taken within an all round sensorial and emotive experience is so much more!

Going beyond the brief in our branded activations

Going beyond the brief for Canon SA

Think of it as the photographs taken while you’re mid-peak on a rollercoaster. That split second is the space of magic… the moment beyond the brief. The sensory explosion of everything in one go. This is what we try and achieve for each and every person who walks into one of our branded activations, and it’s not impossible to do, either!

How We Go Beyond The Brief For Our Clients

Without giving away our secrets, we focus first on exactly what the client wants to deliver. This is the most important aspect of the brief. What is the end goal? Sometimes it will be presented to us in a way that evokes an emotive response… “I want our guests to feel like…” or it will be a visual display, “I want our guests to think they are in…” Either way is an opportunity for us to flex our creative muscles and deliver some powerful ideas.

No stone is left unturned and no voice is too quiet for this endeavour. We pull on all our resources to come up with each person’s version of the emotive response or the visual display. Because each person is different, and we want to make sure we are catering to a vast array of different personalities and ideologies.

From there, we get to the physical building of an activation. When we created the activation space for the movie premier, Beyond The River, we had to transform our thinking to create balance and functionality in a creative space.  When we did the activation for the movie premier, Trolls, we needed to step into our child-like energy and produce the colour and visceral beauty that a six year old would appreciate. Working on an activation with Canon SA, we turned to our inner rockstar and uncovered what it would feel like to be a celebrity on the red carpet.

Going beyond the brief in our branded activations

Going beyond the brief for a “Trolls” movie premier activation

And you know what? Each and every guest who walked into the activation space in all of these instances was taken to the places we wanted them to go and experienced the feelings we wanted them to feel. It almost brings you to tears when you see the actual realisation of your ideas in front of you. This is what it means to go “beyond the brief”.

We want to go beyond your briefs. Truly. We want to take what you want and make it into a unicorn. Let us… contact our team today to set up an obligation free meeting.

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