Awesome Activations We Did In 2017

Posted on Nov 23, 2017
Awesome Activations We Did In 2017

It’s almost the end of the year (already!), which always makes us look back on what we’ve achieved during that time. January feels like it was only yesterday, but if we look at the number of incredible experiential activations we’ve done then we know it’s simply been such a busy year that it’s flown by! We thought we’d take a little trip back to two of the awesome activations we did in 2017 and how we achieved so much more than we set out to do initially.

Come along for the ride and see what we did!

Miller Sneakerness Event

Miller Sneakerness Event Activation

Our client, Miller, is a one of a kind beer, so they needed a one of a kind activation to showcase their sponsorship of the worldwide Sneakerness event. They took their inspiration from an international campaign and asked if we could offer them something similar. We used the Glam-360-Cam to create the effect they wanted and definitely made sure we could meet their expectations. This was their response to what we delivered:

“Our activation was even better than the international link sent and exceeded the brief.”

As a team, we exceeded our own expectations as we hadn’t used the Glam-360-Cam in this way before, but now that we have seen the powerful results it can deliver we are super keen to use it again in the same way.

Lipton #StopTheSelfie Activation

In the spirit of Summer and togetherness, the current Lipton #StopTheSelfie campaign we’re working on is encouraging party people to stop taking selfies and opt for group shots with their squad. Key influencers all over South Africa are in on the game, helping spread the magic and passion for Summer and fun in numbers with Lipton Iced Tea. Events have been and will still be set up all over SA and that’s where we get to play our part!

We have set up our experiential activations at throbbing events in Johannesburg and Cape Town so far, encouraging all the party people to take group shots (no selfies) and post them online. Those who share their photos or Glam-E-Rang shots stand a chance to win an all expenses paid trip for them and a friend to the next of the awesome #LiptonTRoom events, which are popping up all over South Africa.

Not only is our client in LOVE with the way we are capturing the magic of the events, but we have already caught many a happy moment on film forever for all event goers to keep.

Lipton StopTheSelfie

Here’s to 2018 and another magnificent year of events, experiential activations and working with some of South Africa’s most incredible brands!

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