Amplifying Brands Through Experiential Activations

Posted on Dec 14, 2017
Amplifying Brands Through Experiential Activations

There are so many brands and businesses out there, all vying for the same levels of exposure in a very competitive space. The only way to attract the attention you want is to pay more than everyone else for advertising, or to be clever about the ways that you promote your brand. Using experiential activations at events or in spaces that receive a lot of footfall is an exceptional way to get up close and personal with your audience, and in making those personal interactions, you create a lasting bond with your client base or potential users. Extending this personal engagement into the digital space is the ideal way to solidify your exposure simultaneously both online and offline.

This… is what we do. Today’s #ThrowbackThursday is a look back at three incredible experiential activations we did using photo booth technology, effective branding, green screen modifications, digital sharing and engagement features, we well as digital prints. Check them out…

Libfin Branded Year-End Function

Libfin-Branded Experiential Activation

  • Event: Year end function
  • Client: The Aleit
  • Event type: Standard, branded Glamcam Unit with a white backdrop, which then evolved into an artistic wall, according to client’s preferences. We made sure we had a range of amazing props to complete the look. It looked amazing!
  • Comments from client post the event:

Hi Cazz,

I hope you are well!

Thanks for everything at our event yesterday – everything went really well and the photo booth was a hit as usual! Stuart and Amanda were fantastic, thank you!

Adidas Branded In-Store Activation

Adidas - Slick Branded Experiential Activation

  • Event: Store reopening / launch
  • Client: Playmakers
  • Event type: Standard, beautifully branded Glamcam Unit with a customised backdrop. We added in photo sharing via an on-site iPad, which shared all images onto the guests individual platforms. The outcome was so slick that people couldn’t stay away!

Dartcom Green Screen Year-End Transformation

Dartcom Branded Experiential Activation With GlamCam

  • Event: Year end function
  • Client: Dartcom Direct
  • Event type: We converted a very neutral space into a magical year-end experience using our green screen photography technology and studio set up. Guests were able to share their images via iPad onto their individual platforms. Add in some fun props and you’ve got a year-end that won’t be forgotten!

These events are just one more reminder about how much fun we can have when we extend beyond the typical ideas of brand promotion. The sky is the limit when it comes to creativity, and this is what we always aim to bring to the table, or activation.

Here’s to many more exceptional events and experiential activations in 2018!

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