How GlamCam Products Are Building Brand Identities

Posted on Jan 4, 2018
How GlamCam Products Are Building Brand Identities

At GlamCam, we pride ourselves on being pretty darn innovative. We know that there are always going to be new ideas and bigger and better ways to promote businesses and brands, so we like to stay ahead of the curve. The thing is, no one really knows what direction that curve is going to head, so we’ve kind of created our own curve. We know where we want to go and what we want to achieve and as long as we constantly stay ahead of that, we’re happy.

We constantly need to be thinking of wonderful ways in which to promote brands using a variety of different media. Everything we do includes photographs and a version of our GlamCam Photo Pod, Hashtag Print Station or something similar, but it can go so much further, depending on the brief.

GlamCam Products Driving Customer Engagement

Representing Brands Using Experiential Activations

Activations are a personal and inventive way in which customers can be reached and brands can reach out to them. They offer the opportunity for the personality behind the brand to come forward and for people to engage and interact with the brand directly. Not only does it instil a feeling of trust, because “Okay, they guys actually exist and there are real people behind them,” but also because it allows the brand to highlight the benefits of the brand and how these can help the consumer.

Behind every activation we work on, there is a product that champions that setup. That product is a centre of what we want to achieve for the brand, whether it is increased footfall through a shop fitting, increased mentions online, increased shares and visibility as well as engagement, or a combination of each. We choose the product carefully so as to ensure that we meet all the requirements:

  • Does the product meet the brand’s target audience demographic?
  • Is the product the best choice we have for gaining maximum exposure for the brand?

So long as we have those points in check, we are good to go. From there on out, we start to have a little fun putting it all together and making the activation a success.

GlamCam Products Driving Customer Engagement

Driving Customer Engagement

Experiential activations have months of insight and analysis behind them. This in turn goes into planning and preparation, which results in the end product that will encompass one of our products. Each product is designed to deliver a specific result, and these can be adapted to suit the environment so as to get the best possible reactions from the audience.

It takes a little time for people to unwind and start feeling comfortable at events, and an activation is the perfect way to help speed up that process. Guests are given something to focus their energy on and they get an actual, tangible output afterwards that almost rewards them for the time they have spent. This will be a constant reminder of the brand, the moment, the night and perhaps even set them up to become brand advocates without them even realising it.

GlamCam Products Boosting Brand Identities

Showing Customers Where Value Lies

Branded activations help businesses become top of mind for consumers. The personal interaction will help consumers make a choice between similar brands that offer the same services. Because they’ve engaged with your brand through an activation they will have a natural inclination towards your services as opposed to those in competition with you.

The act of giving guests printed copies of the photographs they pose for is the smallest gesture that keeps on giving for ages to come. It’s a standard feature for most of our products and is something that brands love as much as their audiences do. Having that tangible reminder of a brand or business is an exceptional way for brands to get into the hearts and minds of their consumers.

GlamCam Products Boosting Brand Identities

Bridging The Gap Between Offline And Online

The best part about our branded activations and our products is that they bridge the gap between an offline, personalised activation and online exposure and sharing. It’s as simple as that. The best of both worlds!

You may have noticed that every now and then we come out with something new, and it’s not by chance. It’s down to months of discussion, brain storming, looking at the results our clients receive through each experiential activation and then finding ways to improve on those results. Watch this space, because we will no doubt have some cool new stuff to reveal to you in 2018 too!

Contact us today to get the ball rolling on your next activation. We want to bring it to life and we know just how to do that!

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