3 Things To Expect From Our Activations In 2018

Posted on Jan 10, 2018
3 Things To Expect From Our Activations In 2018

We are already in the first week of January 2018, and mentally prepping for a great year ahead. As we mentioned in our previous blog post, we are always uncovering new ways to build brands and businesses using our innovative products. This year will be no different! In fact, this year we aim to be better, do better and get better results!

This is what we are planning to bring to the table in 2018.

1. More Engagement Opportunity

Experiential activations are an opportunity for brands to interact with their audiences. They provide the perfect platform for engagement with the brand, which also offers ideal space to connect with the consumer and help them understand the benefits of what the brand can offer. It also offers consumers an opportunity to play a personal role in the growth of the brand, to be present for a significant milestone in their evolution.

Given that our activations can’t be active all day, every day, we have a small window of opportunity that we need to maximise to the full. This is when we “work it” because when done properly and targeted correctly, a successful activation can be more beneficial than paid online advertising. Our goal is to connect the consumer to the brand and to create a bond that will carry through time.

What To Expect From Our Activations In 2018

2. Out Of The Box Activation Ideas

One thing we’re really good at is making stuff work. Sometimes we get a brief for an activation that doesn’t quite come across as humanly possible, but you know what? We make it work. We do what it takes to answer to the brief or exceed the expectations.

When we are tasked with helping clients find the best ways to amplify their message and reach out to their consumer base, we find a few different options that will offer the best traction and response. This is not just a cool thing we say. We seriously get stuck into each activation with all the muscle we can muster, and we don’t stop until what we have created is enough to blow us and our clients away.

What To Expect From Our Activations In 2018

3. Continued Service Delivery Excellence

This goes without saying, but it’s also a prominent part of everything we do. Every client that walks through our doors is treated with the utmost respect and professionalism, while their projects are met with dedication and passion. This, we believe, is what sets us in good stead with our competitors.

We’ve got the goods to deliver what you need and the passion to turn it into what you want!

Get in there early! Contact us today to start working on your next experiential activation.

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