Three Ways Live Sharing Increases Brand Activation Power

Posted on Feb 16, 2018
Three Ways Live Sharing Increases Brand Activation Power

As experiential designers in the field of marketing, we have come to understand exactly what it is that our clients want to receive from their brand activations. Yes, they want their consumers to experience something memorable, but they also want tangible results. This is why we have a range of “bolt-on” services that can become a part of each experiential marketing campaign we work on, including live sharing and comprehensive analytics.

These two features are prominent aspects that we try and encourage our clients to make use of for two reasons:

  1. Live sharing increases the amount of traction that an event can garner by taking the offline presence into the online world
  2. Analytical data can prove just how far the reach of live sharing actually extends

Here are three ways that live sharing increases the power behind your experiential activation… it can also be described as three reasons why you should be making use of the functionality for every event.

1. Everything Is Branded

We don’t just offer sharing functionality on all images created via our photo activations (photo pods or photo print stations), mobile activations or bespoke solutions. We also educate our clients on what will expand the reach of their brand, and one of the easiest ways to achieve this is through ensuring that all branding is aligned to the activation. This includes logos, colours, as well as relevant hashtags.

Not only does this launch an impressive opportunity for building brand awareness, but event or activation awareness too.

Three Ways Live Sharing Increases Brand Activation Power

2. Viral Opportunities

Sending content out into the Internet ether always offers a possibility for viral opportunities, and the more people sharing activation content, the better these chances are. With most branded events and activations, the viral nature of the online activity is almost instant, shared via pure aesthetic value or via the associated event hashtags. If people didn’t know about your brand… they do now. If they didn’t know you were hosting an event… they do now.

3. Boost Engagement

Nothing engages an audience better than the personal touch. People want to engage with other people and not directly with brands and businesses, which is why brands need to be smart about how they position their content. Live sharing from your experiential brand activation is the perfect opportunity to showcase how you have personalised your experience for your audience and how real people are engaging with you and your event. The effect? Even more engagement in the online space.

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Three Ways Live Sharing Increases Brand Activation Power

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