What in the world is Experiential Marketing!?

Posted on Mar 20, 2018
What in the world is Experiential Marketing!?

Our world is 100% connected 100% of the time and brands are constantly jostling for airtime or a fraction of a moment with a customer, who is making buying decisions on the fly in an instant.

Brands are a simple thumb scroll from being forgotten and replaced by the next best thing.

How do brands make an impact? How do brands remain relevant?  The answer is “Being memorable!”

Every human alive will associate memories with triggers, like the smell of freshly cut lawn or a rift from an iconic song, it’s these human emotions that brands need to exploit to be more memorable.

People delight in experiences, show me something unique that is a break from my routine and you will be more memorable. Experiential marketing should really be called “Memory Creators” or “Excitement ignitors” because that is what they do.

Creating an experience that is unique and shareable is where all the skill comes in, because nothing is worth doing unless it’s shareable! FOMO (fear of missing out) is a very real thing and when brands partner with experiential marketers that can create, record and share a moment that a customer’s peers admire and respond to, then they are creating memories the brand will thrive on.

GlamCam’s magic is in the capture and sharing of the marketers experience, every time we are incorporated into an activation we create an experience but every now and then we have an opportunity to enable bespoke moments that enhance that extra sticky experiential memory that a brand will use to trigger it’s relevance.


If this is something you need to implement for your brand or your clients… let’s talk today.

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