Case Study: SKYY VODKA – client Rainbow Experiential

Posted on May 16, 2018
Case Study: SKYY VODKA – client Rainbow Experiential

Rainbow Experiential and SKYY VODKA were launching a brand awareness campaign to their key supply chain, through a night on the town, hosted in Cape Town’s District Night Club, Johannesburg’s Taboo Night Club and Durban’s Club Azar. GlamCam was brought on board to create both a striking, engaging moment in the nightlife environment and a memorable, sharable moment for social platforms like Facebook and Twitter.



SKYY VODKA as a brand presents itself perfectly, to something glamorous and star studded, GlamCam created a green screen experience which gave guests the opportunity to choose a desirable destination from a selection of the worlds most glamourous locations. Guests then hopped on our 360 degree rotating platform – Glam-360-Cam and prepared to be transported! The moment captured all the style and poise of the glamourous SKYY VODKA clientele. These experiences were shared far a wide with much laughter and delight. Proving once again that FOMO is a real thing!


Conceptualise your experience, we will help you create a sharing moment that will evoke the ultimate “FOMO”

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