South African Brands should be trending on Social Media

Posted on Jun 26, 2018
South African Brands should be trending on Social Media

It’s 2018 and the typical digital consumer spends around TWO hours EVERY DAY on social media and messaging services, that’s about 30 DAYS a YEAR!

If we are honest, social media is all about FOMO (fear of missing out)!



Targeted social media strategies are geared towards evoking FOMO and capturing as many micro seconds as possible from those two hours of social media attention.

Progressive Brands and businesses should understand that cross platform marketing is essential, and the quality of the content that was produced for traditional media campaigns should be equally prioritized for social media campaigns. These numbers should ignite the urgency to develop higher quality user engagement driven content for social media.


Digital in South Africa: – Jan 2018 published by Hootsuite

  •  57.6 Million people – 18 Million Social media users
  • 20% increase in social media users in the last 365 days
  • People spend only 12 minutes more on TV than Social media daily (should your social media strategy be a similar priority to your traditional media strategy?)
  • Youtube has 31 minutes and Facebook has 15 minutes of attention PER VISIT!
  • Of users daily social activity Facebook & YouTube attract almost double the activity of Instagram & Twitter

South African’s love Facebook! Here are the stats:

  • All 18 Million social media users are on Facebook
  • 89% use Facebook on phones
  • 51% are Female and 49% Male (profile declared)
  • 15 Million of these users are under the age of 45


Facebook content versus engagement:



So what separates your campaign from the millions of concurrent campaigns?

Are your images or video content creating sufficient FOMO?


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