Posted on Aug 22, 2018

In our cutting-edge high-tech world, brands rely on stories to imprint their position, style and trend focus. Technology and user behaviours have evolved so brands need to adapt their promotions to be more experiential, more tech friendly and therefore more shareable.


Branded bespoke activation for The MEG movie premiere at Gateway Mall in Durban


Best practices of last year may not cut it this year!

It’s safe to say that brand experiences are progressing rapidly and in line with tech related trends. With brand awareness stats showing that audiences gather brand insights across platforms i.e. TV & social media. As well as across social media platforms, the creative and tech that makes moments more shareable needs to embrace the social trends that will attract the most user engagement for the brand.

  • Are your brand experiences capturing your audience’s attention?
  • Is your creative embracing the tech and enhancing shareability?
  • Is your creative experience memorable?
  • How could you do things a little differently?


Here’s how we can help!

GlamCam develops innovative, shareable experiences that provide you with memorable, shareable moments.

GlamCam’s creative team has bespoke experiential tools to tailor make solutions to enhance brand shareability. Coupled with proper ROI analytics we give brands insights into the success of the experience. The experiential brand journey’s success relies on strategic alignment with digital campaigns or thorough inclusion in the creative process. GlamCam has the experience and creative insight that will assist with the eco system of a truly sharable brand experience from pre-launch traction through the experience and including post event leverage maximising the return on investment and enhanced exposure.


Brand studio photoshoot for Remy Martin

Don’t take our word for it, here are some insights from industry leading publications:

Brand experience as described by “Campaign Live (2018)” is the ecosystem that exists around a brand. Authentic engagement has become extremely valuable in creating a connection with your desired customer which now influences the brand’s sales revenues as well.

“Outpost (2018)”: “Experiential marketing is the flavour of the month”. It is time for brands to look at marketing from a human to human perspective. Breaking down brand experiences leads to a more sustainable approach in keeping a brand alive and using personal touchpoints effectively can create influential impact (Aziz, 2018).


Get in touch with us for a sprinkle of that experiential flavour at production@glamcam.co.za or visit our website on www.glamcam.co.za.


Experiential 360 Cam activation at AXE Party of the Year event


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