Introducing our all-new BEAMER BOOTH

Posted on Oct 1, 2018
Introducing our all-new BEAMER BOOTH

GlamCam’s new addition, the BEAMER BOOTH!



This photo experience links innovation with a unique brand experience. In our constantly evolving digital world, it’s the perfect visual integration into your next brand campaign or digital event.

Our Beamer Booth helps brands promote and create new, innovative photo experiences and connect to their customers like never before.

This form of visual branding blends visual art, motion graphics and video content channelled through immersive 3D projection. Super brands like Youtube, Adidas and Sony have fused Beamer Booths into their viral campaigns in order to attract more visitors and engage them with their brand. Digital integration lies at the core of customised brand experiences and the exclusive element of hip graphic content in motion adds the seasoning to your brand campaign’s flavourful recipe.

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