Green Screen Photography | Green Screen Studio | GlamCam

GlamCam’s Green Screen Photography solution can be applied to a number of different settings while placing your guests in any visual location you can dream of. You can use it at your event with the GlamCam Photo Pod or we can create it with our Event Portrait Studio. This service places your guests or team members anywhere from Wall Street to The Louvre. The options are endless.

Take your awards evening to the set of the Academy Awards or transport guests into a flashy nightclub, a famous bar or even into the jaws of a shark! Yes, it’s far-fetched, but our green screen versatility is only limited by your imagination.

Why do you want it?

  • Kick things up a notch with inventive green screen locations that will boost the mood of your event
  • Full exposure of your event via social sharability of your digital branded images
  • Plus super-cool branded prints for your guests to keep and take home

What can you expect?

  • Branded GlamCam unit and backdrop of your choice or a full studio setup housing your chosen green screen
  • A professional photographer to guide your guests and ensure everything works seamlessly
  • Fun, laughter and awesome memories that will be captured for you

Complete your event with the lasting impression of branded imagery and green screen photography.

Contact us today to discuss exactly how we can wow your event with our Green Screen Photography service.