Ten Of The Best Event Companies in South Africa

Posted on Jan 4, 2016
Ten Of The Best Event Companies in South Africa

Entrusting your brand’s event to any company is like trusting someone else to execute your vision for your company. It can be nerve wracking, and a gamble. It can also pay off amazingly well, and you can end up with a splendid event that will be memorable for all the right reasons.

A poorly executed event can actually cause more damage to your brand than good. This is why you want to partner with someone who gets your vision and has the ability to pull it off. So let’s take a look at ten of the best event companies in South Africa, who are ready and able to help you take your event to the next level.

1. Openfield, Johannesburg & Cape Town

Openfield is the go-to company brands choose to create and amplify emotional experiences. Bringing together a collective 100 years experience in marketing, their team of seasoned marketers specialises in sponsorship, brand experiences and corporate social investment.

2. SAIL, Johannesburg

SAIL is at the forefront of sports, sponsorship and entertainment. This industry leading sports events management firm is involved in every level of sporting events in South Africa, from ticketing to licensing, hospitality, rights creation and representation, as well as sales. Chances are that if you are watching sport on South African television, SAIL is involved at some level.

3. 360 Degrees, Johannesburg

360 Degrees is an inspired South African events company specialising in road shows, corporate and industrial theatre events, experiential marketing, product launches and brand activation. They are known for going the extra mile for clients to achieve new heights of innovation in their industry.

4. Lowe and Partners, Johannesburg & Cape Town

If you are looking for an innovative marketing company that knows what it takes to make an impact in the sea of competition your business is competing against, Lowe and Partners has you covered. A true trendsetter in the live events and marketing sector, they go the extra mile to bring their clients’ vision to life every time.

5. Enterprise Republic, Johannesburg

This leader in the live events and marketing field is in the business of leaving impressions. Favourable, positive impressions. They are all about creating ideas that lead to memorable experiences, and turning memorable experiences into great stories. As we all know, great stories are shared, and there is no point in creating anything that won’t be shared. So trust Enterprise Republic with making your brand known.

6. JWT, Johannesburg & Cape Town

J Walter Thompson is an international events and marketing communications company. Headquartered in New York, this trendsetter has established offices in Johannesburg and Cape Town. They draw on a true global network with a dedicated team of seasoned professionals who works hard to breathe life into their clients’ visions.

7. Bloom Marketing, Johannesburg

Bloom Marketing is a leading full service advertising and marketing agency, with a focus on through the line strategic marketing, design and activation. They work with clients from all sectors to develop through-the-line alternative ideas that infuse demand-led growth, through remarkable concepts, activations and strategies.

8. Otto de Jager, Johannesburg

If you are looking for a bespoke events management agency, look no further. Otto de Jager made a name for itself as a creative leader in the live events industry, bringing distinctive events to life where ach celebration is tailored to the client’s unique perspective and needs. Their areas of expertise include functions, weddings, cuisine and floral.

9. Playmakers, Johannesburg

A seasoned leader in sponsorship marketing solutions, Playmakers continue to focus on using sponsorship as a medium in a brand’s overall marketing plan. They drive business results and lead from the front in developing thinking that challenges convention and allows their clients to differentiate themselves from the overall cluttered sponsorship market.

10. Lampost, Johannesburg

Lampost has gained an industry reputation for their niche movement inspired by contemporary and edgy street culture. They represent an urban tribe of switched-on individuals, working hard to help their clients take their brands to the next level. With a creative team bringing decades’ experience to the table, each project is managed by seasoned professionals who knows what it takes to get results.

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